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Dec 14, 2006 08:59 PM

eggnog creme brulee recipe??

anyone have a recipe?? i'd prefer to make it with store bought eggnog.

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  1. If your store-bought eggnog has added thickeners like carageenan, the texture of the custard could end up off.

    I would just take a good vanilla creme brulee recipe and add brandy or rum (or whatever you like in your nog) and lots of nutmeg, maybe even sub brown sugar for part of the white sugar.

    1. The base for plain creme brulee is almost identical to that of eggnog; eggs, cream, sugar. It's the addition of bourbon, rum and nutmeg that really adds the distinctive flavor. I suggest upping the yolk count by one and adding a drop of bourbon, rum and nutmeg to your creme brulee base.

      Good luck.