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Dec 14, 2006 08:45 PM

Weeknight dinner option near Orpheum...Buzz 9 closed? Gyro King?

Okay...snagged some weeknight tickets to James Taylor at the Orpheum! :-) (if anyone has ever sat in the Loge area of it,
please tell me, is viewing okay from there, or does a railing
block things? I've never sat in its Loge before & might go for other seats, if you've sat there & think the floor is preferable)

It's not Valentine's night, so don't need to totally 'do it up', dining-wise. Plus commuting from Peninsula might be a bear.
Maybe we should take BART ? (never have but maybe from Millbrae?)

Anyway, researching threads here, most are fairly dated on dining options near the Orpheum! Help?

Found somewhere online that said Buzz 9 (a close-by option from what I gather) was shut down in late 2005 due to graffiti? Sounds
unlikely. But I can't find their website, either. Was supposedly

Then, I read Gyro King was very close-by. (a plus for us this time around!) But that it closes at *night*? Bummer!!

Any suggestions? We're both vegetarians.
We could just get by w/sandwiches in the car as we commute downtown but...any ideas of something super close-by, that's acceptable for a light dinner? (to make this seem like a mini Valentine's night, at least, altho' this is not on Valentine's itself


Any place that takes reservations, too? (vs. hoping to snag a table?) Thanks so much!!

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  1. Basil Thai on Folsom and 7th is pretty good, with a nice atmosphere. There's also a couple of other restaurants on that block (i think one is called Triptych)

    Buzz9 is closed.

    For great vegetarian Chinese (minus a little ambiance), check out Golden Era at OFarrell and Leavenworth or for veggie Thai try Mekong (one of my absolute faves) on OFarrell and Larkin. Both serve all sorts of fake meat (mekong has the best fake meat i've ever had) in addition to great tofu dishes. If you go to Mekong, try the Yellow Pumpkin Curry with tofu.

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    1. re: mchan02

      I think Basil Thai would be too far of a walk.

    2. Gyro King is great and despite the name very vegetarian-friendly. They're open till 9:30 pm daily (just called to check).

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Did you confirm the 10pm closing time? When I walked by there a couple months ago it had signs up that it was changing hours...

      2. Soluna is just a couple of blocks over from the Orpheum, You'd probably have to stick to the "small plates" and "side dishes" portions of the menu to stay vegetarian, but even so, you could make a meal of it. (That, or call in advance and see if they could come up with something off the menu for you).

        1. Thanks, you guys! That helps a lot.
          Always rush down for shows, and never have yet eaten right near the Orpheum so now look forward to it!

          Wow. Too many choices, almost.
          And thanks so very much for calling about the Gyro King, too!
          I don't know if they have vegetarian pitas, but I think I read they have a nice veggie appetizer plate?

          Re: Mekong...that Yellow Pumpkin Curry sounds mighty tempting, too! :-)

          Lastly, has anyone here recently tried the vegetarian spot near Larkin or 9th Street and Market?? I've seen both good & bad things about it. (health issues?) :-{ But it's food sounds intriguing...not so much the atmosphere, however.
          I read they have some good neatloaf dish, or similar. Sounds less appealing right now maybe than Thai or Middle Eastern but...just curious what Chowhounds currently think about this spot? I forget it's name, however, or I'd do a search on it, again. Thanks!

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            Gyro King has a nice vegetarian appetizer plate--hummus, baba ganoush, tabouleh, etc.

            1. re: mtm

              I've gone to Ananda Fuara, the vegetarian spot, a couple times and I've stuck mainly to the neatloaf sandwich. Growing up eating Chinese food, I actually had this before I ever had meatloaf and I thought it was pretty good. Pretty moist and flavorful without being too dense. Only other things I've had were the nachos which were ok except for a thick layer of congealed cheese and raspberry gelato which was a bit grainy. A lot of my co-workers eat here and they seem to enjoy the salads and soup offerings. Not the best of atmosphere especially with the looped video of the guru playing on the tv but it's an interesting place to try.

            2. What about Bambuddha Lounge on Eddy Street? It's a few blocks north of the theatre. Might be worth the walk just for the fun environment. I thought the food was pretty nice too. Here's their site: