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Dec 14, 2006 08:43 PM

Old School and Historical SF Locale

We're in SF for a day and wanted to break up our typical long strolls around the city with a classic, historical place for a drink and food. Could be lunch, could be dinner, could be something in between (tea, late lunch).

We could land a comfortable seat or table. There might be a fireplace. We can take our time.

It has to be unique to San Francisco.

It could be in a hotel. Or not.

It could be old school with lots of dark wood. Or not.

It could be rustic and West coast. Or not.

Just classic, comfortable and cozy with great drinks and food.

Any suggestions?

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  1. The bar of the Big Four at the Huntington Hotel on Nob Hill near Grace Cathedral. Beautiful old paneled room, fireplace (one of very few that I'm aware of), good if somewhat pricey food (but aren't nearly all hotel bars) and drinks. Definitely comfortable, cozy and historic and I'm not aware of anything else in SF quite like it.

    Tea in the Garden Court of the Sheraton Palace on Market St.

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      1. re: Joan Kureczka

        I second the Big Four. I love that place. Every time I have been there was a pianist playing standards.

      2. Tommaso's is one of the few places of historical interest with great food.

        Relevant history topic on the Not About Food board, ask here if you want to know about the food:

        1. Tadich Grill is a unique SF old-school favorite with history and dark wood. Great for crab which is in season now, and the cioppino is tops. Frequently a wait, so go early or late. Not open Sundays.

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            I'll go along with the Tadich Grill suggestion: just doesn't get older school that this.

          2. Tadich Grill. It's in the heart of the financial district and has been in operation since 1849! Certainly meets the "old school with lots of dark wood" requirement =).

            1. try Bix in the Jackson Square area.