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Dec 14, 2006 08:28 PM

Steakhouse (or chophouse) tasting menus?

I'm curious if there are (or has been) any steakhouses (or chophouses) that offer a tasting menu?

I could imagine a 6 course menu of something like the following:

- steak tartare (or maybe beef carpaccio)
- oxtail stew
- skirt steak
- NY sirloin
- bone-in filet
- dessert

I ask because when I was recently at Cut I really wanted to try the different cuts (no pun intended) of beef, but couldn't really afford to -- both from an appetite and financial standpoint.

Thoughts or suggestions?

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  1. Most of the beauty of a tasting menu is the variety. I think 5 red meat courses might do me in!

    1. Right now Cut is still relatively new and booked solid. In a few months, maybe you could call and say there would be four of you and you'd like to share a course-by-course highlight menu. amuse, beef tartar or carpaccio, seafood starter, oxtail, kobe, rib-steak and filet with sides, desserts. Ask for a price quote and some ideas if they'd do multiple courses and split them four ways approximating a tasting menu.

      (I'll bet you'd get ready cooperation if you mentioned some wines to accompany -- or since so much good has been posted about their sommelier, maybe go the other way. Contact her, and have her see if she can pair multiple courses to multiple wines.)

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      1. re: nosh

        That's a good idea.

        I just wonder why more (or any?) steakhouses don't do a tasting menu.

        I mean think about it. Lets say you order a NY Strip at 14oz. Split that up into 4 courses, and you could easily have 3 or 4oz of a variety of cuts of meat.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          This is a question for the general topics board, but I would assume it would be a lot of trouble for most steakhouses. And if there aren't enough people like you (and me--I think your idea is great in theory) who want to try four kinds of steak, what happens to the leftovers from that 14oz strip?

          Not exactly the same, but have you tried Vietnamese Beef 7 Ways? I'm sure there are plenty of places in Westminster to try this, and it's quite delicious. Beef cooked shabu shabu style, beef in a porridge, grilled beef, beef wrapped around veggies, beef rolled in spring rolls, etc. Every restaurant has a slightly different 7 choices.

          1. re: Pei

            Yeah, I like 7-courses of beef.

            I usually go to Nem Nuong Ninh Hoa in Rosemead (and then top it off with a milkshake from the In N Out next door) or goto Golden Deli.

            (And, yes, I posted this question on the General Board as well.)

      2. Isn't a Beef/Meat tasting exxperience sort of the main idea behind:

        When I've seen a selection of meat dishes served to one or two diners, it's usually in the from of a platter where it's all served at once. Example: Chef's Wild Game Trio $41 - Sampling of 3 different game meats at the Saddle Peak Lodge:

        Suggestion - Go to a non-busy* Steak/Chop House, this would exclude CUT, with a least 3 people and order 1 Skirt steak, when it arrives then order 1 NY Sirloin, and when it arrives then order the Bone-in filet. Split each 3 ways... It might take a long time but that's what tasting menus do... And if wooden chairs, bring a cushion from home...

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Try a Japanese yakiniku place. They'll have thinly sliced portions of different beef cuts which you grill yourself at the table.

            I'd recommend Tsuruhashi in Fountain Valley. They have yukke, the Korean version of steak tartare, and rare menu items like liver sashimi. All the beef here is top shelf USDA Prime. Can't beat it at any price, and yet it's still really easy on the wallet. If you go during the week, their assortment platters are priced even lower.

            Not much in the way of desesrt, though. Ice cream, but that's it.