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Dec 14, 2006 08:13 PM

Peruvian Food- C Gardens/ C Hill

Anyone know any good Peruvian food in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill area? Looking for some good lomo saltado, not too impressed with Mancora

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  1. Mancora sucks. I haven't tried the Smith Street Coco Roco, but the one in Park Slope has gone way downhill.

    1. I only had one meal at Mancora, and it was maybe 6 months ago, but it was surprisingly tasty. Why do you think it "sucks"/how recently did you eat there?

      I've always meant to go back for another meal, but haven't gotten around to it. Any others want to pipe in?

      Did I just have a rare, 'fluke' tasty meal there?

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      1. re: Nehna

        We've always had consistently good meals at Mancora, especially when compared to Cholita/Coco Roco across the street.

        Everything from the ceviches, to roast chickens, to the heavy-pouring bartender - I've never left disappointed.

        1. re: EJC

          I had been there several times over the last few years since they opened, but the last 2 times I thought the food had gone downhill. It's entirely possible that they were both off days. However, they were never really that good either. Really nice people though.

      2. Coco Roco on Smith is horrible. I still dream of the old one in Park Slope circa 5 years ago when they new what they were doing. Mancora was ok for a while (mostly people who defected from Coco Roco in the Slope), but has also gone down hill.

        1. Both Mancoras, the one on Smith and the one in the E.Village, vary wildly from day to day. I've given up going since I cant predict. Sometimes the ceviche and the chicken are close to perfect, most times not even "okay". Coco Roco's previous Smith St name (Cholita) was good for awhile, went downhill, closed, re-opened with the Coco Roco name and now is as "not good" as their sibling in the Slope. Therefore... no reliable Peruvian in the neighborhood. Go to Queens.

          1. I'm not a Peruvian food expert, but I would have to agree that "Mancora sucks" simply because I used to get lomo saltado from Flor de Mayo when I lived uptown and it totally kicks Mancora's ass. To Queens I go