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Dec 14, 2006 08:06 PM

A week in Tucson coming up and need help!

We will be staying at Starr Pass, about 6 miles west of downtown and would love to hear any recommendations for any of the following:

a great steak
Indian food
Thai food
any other good ethnic food
a moderately upscale place in the Marana/Oro Valley area to take half a dozen family members (all adults) who live in that area.

Thanks much.

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  1. For great steak, you have a few options. Sullivan's and Flemings are both pretty dependable, although I've not had great meals at Sullivan's lately. Everything seems just a little "less" lately, and the servers are really heavy into "upselling." Local choices are McMahon's--upscale and OK--and Lil Abner's. Lil Abner's has tons of local flavor, good food and is lots of fun. It is NOT, however, a high-end steakhouse.

    I don't do Indian or Thai. The great ethnic food in Tucson is Mexican. Try Cafe Poca Cosa, downtown, for a great and very different Mexican experience. No tacos or chimichangas. High end dining with wonderful, different tastes. For more "expected" Mexican, Pico de Gallo is very good and very casual--order at a counter and find a mismatched table in one of several rooms. Also good are El Charro (expensive for what you get, but good) and any of several South Tucson places (Mi Nidito, Double L, Crossroads).

    Other really good Tucson restaurants are Vivace (everyone's favorite for great Italian), North, Bistro Zin and Wildflower (Fox Restaurant chain), Tavolino and Kingfisher. For your Marana/Oro Valley crowd, all of the restaurants in the previous list, save Kingfisher, are close. Vivace is a must reservation, and I'd make it soon.

    Many of these restaurants have been reviewed/discussed on the board. Check them out.

    1. Try the Gallery Golf Club , Nice restaurant with great views if you go for lunch or early dinner.

      1. Don't miss Primo @ Starr Pass. It is a wonderful Italian Restaurant. The Duck Entree is fabulous and the pasta dishes are terrific. I can't wait until my next visit to Tucson!

        1. Some further recommendations:

          For Thai, try Chars, at Fifth street and Rosemont. This is my favorite Thai in town.

          I can't think of a really good Indian place here in town, there are a lot that are ok, but I wouldn't recommend them. Instead, look to the Central and South American restaurants. I'll throw out Candella's (5845 N Oracle Rd; (520)407-0111) for starters.

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          1. re: Booklegger451

            yummm pad thai at char thai!!! my mouth is watering just thinking about it...

          2. Thanks, everyone for the great suggestions. We leave in the morning. Looking forward to trying as many as possible!