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Dec 14, 2006 07:47 PM

Brief BRGR review


I thought I'd drop in with a quick review of Brgr (7th Ave just north of 26th).

After an aborted visit for lunch on their opening day, 12/12 (the computers were down) I had dinner there on 12/13 after they'd been open a day. Here's my thoughts:

-- Very, very tasty burgers. Akin to Schnack or Burger Joint in quality. The menu says unless otherwise requested, they come out "medium-well done" (which I assume is the same as "medium-well". I didn't specify anything (nor was I asked) and it came out just lovely - a nice hint of pink in the middle without being too underdone or overdone for my tastes.

-- Even without any fancy toppings, they're a little overpriced for the size. I think the base burger is $6.50. That's not too much for a burger if it were huge, but these are a little smallish for the price (though a nice change from a massive burger that's too huge to finish).

-- Fries. Excellent, just excellent. A nice dark crisp to them and super salty which was fine for me, though maybe a bit too salty for some.

-- Sweet potato fries -- they didn't have them that night.

-- "Onion hay". Skip it. Dry, crumbly, hard to eat. Pointless.

-- "Homemade chocolate chip cookies". Worthless. $3.30 for 3 small cookies akin to Otis Spunkmeyer or Keebler Soft Batch cookies. Good cookies aren't hard -- they really dropped the ball here.

-- Shakes. Looked good and not too big. Maybe 16 ounces. Combined with a burger and fires it would make a filling meal.

-- They have a lot of "combos" of toppings that save you $$ from choosing toppings a la carte. And they allow substitutions in those toppings -- I was able to change out the cheese in one of them.

-- They allegedly have both white and whole grain buns but we were never asked which we preferred.

-- Very friendly, happy service.

-- An unexpectedly long wait for the food. Not painful but longer than I would have expected. The result though was very hot, fresh food. :)

-- Lovely, casual space -- they spent a lot of money on the look here. I won't go on about it other than to say you're probably paying 50 cents on every burger for the design of the room.

-- Good music. Someone was having an 80's flashback with the iPod. ;)

That's it (ok, that wasn't so brief). Bottom line, very good food, a bit over-priced (burger, fires, shake comes out to a hair more than one would expect to spend on a burger, fries and a shake.


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  1. Sounds like Brgr is definitely worth a try, albeit the price tag. I was disappointed at BLT Burger recently - haven't opened for long, but they've got a lot of kinks to work out.

    Have you heard of Stand? Another new burger place that would be neat to check out. Apparently they're a very "rare well done burger place." Ha.

    1. Haven't been to Stand though I read about it the same time as Brgr. Brgr is a block from my office so it was an easy visit. And yeah, it's a bit overpriced, but maybe only by a $1 or $2 for a lunch or dinner so it's not like it's gonna break the bank.

      1. Brgr has great toppings on a dry patty. It's just too thin to stay juice on open flame grilling.

        Burger tastes good, but it's not a destination.

        The ambiance, however is A+. Lot's of exposed brick, a two floor ceiling, and great old beams. (You can still see to old abandoned fireplaces built into the walls.)

        It's seat-yourself, but they bring your order over to you, which is terrific.

        1. If you think that's pricy, wait 'til you see what Stand is charging! Their bassic starts at $9...

          1. I've been twice...most recently tonight. I have to agree, they have some tasty burgers with good toppings. Yes, they are thin...but thats the way I like my burgers. Perfect candidate for a double if it wasnt for the price points. Ouch. Think this is what hurts them the most. I know I can go to the Burger Joint and have a tastier burger with fries and coke for the starting price of some of the BRGR burgers. Damn shame really, because both times, the experience has been good. Friendly and prompt service and think the grill is coming into its own.

            No doubt I will go again, but why cant these new places be more realistic about the price of their burgers.

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            1. re: drod

              "No doubt I will go again, but why cant these new places be more realistic about the price of their burgers."

              From the NY Times on 12/13/07:
              "David Rockwell has designed colorful details like cushy leather circles as seat backs, within a bare-bones brick and exposed-beam shell that nevertheless cost a million dollars."

              Gotta recoup that investment somehow.

              1. re: drod

                "The value of a thing is whatever it will bring."

                New Yorkers have a lot of money to spend. So unfortunately for many people, $20 for a burger, fries, and soda IS realistic these days.