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Dec 14, 2006 07:32 PM

The Sad State of Pizza in the UES

I have tried my best to find a decent, true NY style, slice of pizza in the UES, to no avail. Most of the places i have scouted out on this message baord have soggy crusts, oily/waxy cheese and lackluster sauce. There are some good Neopolitan/thin crust/pie-only places, such as Tontonno's and Nick's, but that just doesnt suffice for when I have folks over for a ballgame or when I want to eat cold pizza leftovers for breakfast. Where can I get such a pizza? I'm so desperate i'm considering ordering a pie from Agata and Valentin's on 79th and first just because their pastas are decent. Help!

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    1. Have you tried Pintaile's Pizza? Very thin crispy whole wheat crust. They have several locations but there is one located on York Ave btwn 76th & 77th St.

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        I love Pintaile's. I'd actually eat there over some of the great downtown pizzerias, location aside. I go to the one on 91st btw Madison and 5th.

        (by the way, the crust may be whole wheat but it ain't a healthy pizza--have no fear)

      2. Nick's is good, but if you are willing to travel head to the original Patsy's on 118 and 1st. It's coal oven and thin crust. I can eat a pie by myself though.

        1. is mimi's still good? i haven't been in a while but it's always been reliable as far as I remember.

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            Really? Try living in Louisville, KY. The UES has plenty of fantastic pizza.

            The best options have already been mentioned. For delivery (or a slice when walking by) Mimi's on Lex and 84th. is excellent. If you really like a very thin crisp crust, then go for Pintaile's (several locations).

            For sit down, Nick's is SO worth avoiding the train ride down town.


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              I haven't had Mimi's in a while, but it definitely always was a reliable plain slice. Don Filipo on Lex btw 78 & 79th has great topping pizzas like Chicken Pesto or BBQ Chicken. They also have a slice called "El Diablo" for the adventurous. These two places don't compare to DiFara/Lombardi's/Grimaldi's, but they are solid neighborhood options.