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Dec 14, 2006 07:24 PM

Pepe's To Open In Manchester, CT

According to, Pepe's is seeking a General Manager for their new Manchester branch at Buckland Hills. Would seem to confirm the rumors of a third restaurant.

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  1. who cares - really?

    If you want the real thing hit wooster. I don't think the allure carries. Lots of good pies out there. The fairfield county disaster with pepe's should have fixed this. I'm all in favor of the free market system but Pepe's doesn't carry outside of wooster street as much as opium filled coca cola of the 20's isn't the caffeine free, zero calorie, no sugar, diet enducing pop of today.

    There's only one original

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    1. re: ElizabethHenton

      It will cheapen the name, but fill the bank account.

      I am guessing it will do very well in Manchester. First off, Manchester and its surroundings doesn't have much in the way of good pizza (at least not New Haven style - instead its the thicker greasy less elastic crust w/ dismal sauce version). Second, I don't really think the average person cares too much if they are eating at a chain location or not. Look at the success of all the "soulless" chains over there (and in general). People demand to have Dunkin Donuts and such on the side of the street they are on - and so a closer Pepe's will co-exist nicely to this attitude, IMO.

      Thanks for the news FoodieJim. Good to know.
      And, I agree Elizabeth - it won't have the allure at all. But, all the power to them if they can pull it off. Probably a safe bet that they have made a conscious decision to sacrifice the value of their brand, for the value in their bank accounts.

    2. I, for one, am very happy to hear that Pepe's is coming to Manchester. Why can't it be good just because it is not located in New Haven? Give me a break. Also, I understand their Fairfield location does very well. It always seems very crowded when I go by there. Pepe's is branching out and it is good for everyone. Like Jestner said there is not a lot of good New Haven style pizza places in this area (there is Wooster Street Pizza near there though), so get over it already. Jay

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      1. re: JayCT

        Well...I care too! Really!

        I have been to the Fairlfield location many times, and actually prefer it over the original. I've stated before that what you lose in atmosphere you gain in service, decor, convenience, and yes, FOOD. I am sure the Manchester branch will do great as well! Just hope they give you bigger glasses for soda than they do in NH and FF.

        1. re: JayCT

          JayCT..the Fairfield branch is just plain AWFUL. I could not get any flavor our of the pizza we ordered. I think they had a good thing in New Haven but the same flavor does not carry to the franchises.

        2. fairfield branch is excellent- every bit as good as the nh original- and they've added the shrimp and chicken pies as well as a salami pie. same exact ingredients as the nh place. i've had many excellent meals at both and the fairfield pepe's seems to be doing VERY well- called recently on a tuesday night at 9:45 and they were not accepting take out orders- they were that swamped- i had to go in and have my pie there... boohoo... enjoy fb

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          1. re: frankbooth

            Its better to have the option. And, if you want the atmosphere, hit the original. If you feel they have sold-out, thats where the competition comes in...

          2. I was driving up Buckland Hills Drive in Manchester the other day and saw a storefront in the new small plaza opposite Sears with a big paper window sign that says Pepe's. Guess that is where the new branch of Frank Pepe's is going. Their website lists the address as 221 Buckland Hills Drive. It is a small plaza and if it is as popular as the other locations, it may be too small for parking. Don't remember what else is in that plaza. The web site indicates that it will open this summer. Can't wait. Jay