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Dec 14, 2006 07:03 PM

mexican - west hollywood area

friends are suggesting el cayote for dinner. it's fun - but not that delicious - any ideas for tonight?

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  1. Marix is my fav. While the food isn't as good as the stuff you find in east LA, it's much, much better than El Coyote. It's also very reasonably priced, has tasty chips and salsa and some of the best margs in town (strong AND tasty). And it's always a lot of fun. The only caveat is it's really popular so the wait can be kind of long, so try to call ahead or get there early.

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    1. re: Newkie

      is that the exact name - i can't find it on city search - I may have seen it, is it on Santa Monica Blvd?

    2. Gardens of Taxco is quite an experience. It's on the corner of harper and santa monica.

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      1. re: kotter

        Can you describe said "experience"?

        Mr Taster

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          I've been to Gardens - it's a mexian place with a "tasting menu" it's about $30 for tons of courses. it's not fine food, but it's fun, old, dark, and friendly in there. i think they've had the same host for 50 years and he gives you the same intro speech every time. It's great for a big group, b/c everybody ends up paying the same

          1. re: Julefish

            I haven't been there in ages, but dinner is about $30 these days? That sounds expensive, if they have the same menu as before.

          2. re: Mr Taster

            Es spiiiiiiceeey, no es hotttttttt. You'll see what I mean if you go.

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              zee chiiicken is borrrn in de sauce

              1. re: kotter

                LOL, one word.

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              The experience if you have never been, might be enjoyable the first time, yet on succeeding visits, it rivals the food for uninteresting and unnecessary.
              ps - On Harper just north of Santa Monica on west side of the street.

            3. I like the place across the street from the Guitar Center.

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              1. re: chowmominLA

                El Compadre is a fun place, however, other than the chips and salsa and a few dishes the food is just average. Still good atmosphere and drinks, thus I'll go there every now and then. I'll simply order carefully.

              2. ooooh, el coyote, AKA 'the dawg.'

                1. Def would not recommend El Coyote for food, nor El Compadre. Both joints have not so awesome food. Marix has excellent chips and the food isn't bad. They are just off of Santa Monica Blvd next to Basix Cafe.