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Dec 14, 2006 06:40 PM

Vegetariana visiting Calgary

Hi Everyone,


We'll be up in Calgary this Christmas (last yr we traveled to Miami,FL to visit my family) visiting the husband's family.

Was hoping I could get some vegetarian friendly recommendations :) Any cuisine would be great.

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  1. The Coup on 17th Ave is a great vegetarian place. I wish I had more vegetarian friends or at least vegetable-friendly people to go with.

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    1. alex- anybody who likes GOOD FOOD will like The Coup!

      There is a new 100% vegan place in an edgy part of downtown, it's attached to an "anarchist bookstore" and thank goodness that Calgary has evolved to have places like this.

      Indian places are of course great for veg as long as you aren't vegan, though there are south Indian places (Anpurna and Mysore, the northeast one) that, being south Indian, might use less ghee.

      There are at least two veggie places in Chinatown, Veggie House in a food court and White Oak., which is a pure veg Vietnamese place.

      Some non-veg restos are better than others at accommodating veggies- River Cafe and Muse come to mind but I'm sure any of Calgary's best chefs would welcome the challenge.

      Happy eating!

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      1. re: John Manzo

        Thanks for your help John, I will start mapping these places out in relation to the in-laws "quadrant" :)

      2. Veggie Buddha on Macloud Trail...very yummy stuff. Very sweet people.

        They have a "ribs" dish....(fake meat) that is sooooooo good my husband and I crave it.......