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Dec 14, 2006 06:36 PM

Please Help Me Spend a Gift Card

I just received a $150 B R Guest gift card and none of the restaurants interest me much. (Please tell me the person who sent it doesn't read this board!!!!) The choices are: Isabella's, Atlantic Grill, Ocean Grill, Fiamma, Blue Water Grill, Ruby Foo's, Blue Fin, and Dos Caminos. Ruby Foo's is out (can't stand it); Isabella's? enh; Ocean Grill, maybe. Who among these has the best food? the best wine list? Maybe I should just pay for my own meal and blow the $150 on a great bottle of wine? Where best could I do that?

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  1. This question has come up before:
    In the past, I would've said Fiamma, but their chef left recently, so I'm not sure how the kitchen is doing. Blue Water Grill would be fine--not great, but pretty good food. I don't like Dos Caminos, have had a lousy meal at Isabella's, and have avoided the others.

    1. I've heard good things recently from friends who have gone to Blue Water Grill and are pretty picky (though not CH obsessive!) about restaurants.

      1. Third on the Blue Water Grill.

        1. Blue Water Grill is the only brguest restaurant we've been to. While it's been a while since our least meal there, whenever we have have eaten there, the food has been very good, sometimes even bordering on excellent. I think the space is super, and the vibe, while upbeat, is never so noisy that it makes dining there unpleasant.

          1. Vento is actually good. Although, I do like the atmosphere at Ocean.