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La Palette, La Bodega or Le Paradis

Hi all - I've been looking for a definitive answer.

I'll be in the downtown core, heading as far west as College/Spadina so I figure these are all relatively accessible, save for Le Paradis.

I'm looking for foie gras on the menu, I know Bodega has a terrine of it.

Many thanks.

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  1. La Palette. I've never had a bad meal there. It's cozy and the food is well-priced. I also like Bistro Paradis but the food isn't nearly as good. Try the quack and track at La Palette. It ain't on the menu.

    1. How about trying Batifole, on Gerrard ? better food and a more sophisticated ambience than any of your three choices. Also extremely reasonably priced. Steak frites to die for. Interesting wines from SW France. The chef-owner often brings your choices to the table. Warm bread. Cheerful service. Tables close but not cheek to jowl ! A much more relaxing room than La Palette's bustle and shoving of chairs with occasionally rude or harried service.

      If you are a foie gras lover, be aware that for a steep charge La Palette now serves you but one small disk of its admittedly excellent terrine.

      1. Still can't decide which of the 3 is worse than the other. If you will be in the College / Spadina area and are looking to do french bistro on a budget...try Gamelle. They always have a seared foie gras dish, and you can bring your own wine as well. I would stay away from the others.

        1. I'm a fan of La Palette. Yeah, it's noisy, but that's part of the fun for me.

          1. another vote for La Palette.. the steak frites there is great.

            1. that's fantastic...thanks for all your help.
              I've seen batifole come up a few times but only didn't consider b/c of the location being a bit out of the way from where I"ll be.

              sounds like it might be worth trying though. just couldn't find their menu online aswell.

              thanks everyone...this is a great site.

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                The original chef/part owner of La Palette left earlier this year. There has been some mention of a downgrade in quality. I can't vouch as I haven't been recently.


                I do however highly recommend Batifole. It offers a more refined/seasonal menu than La Palette, in the same price range to boot.

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                  i'm not surprised you couldn't find their menu online... they tend to change it seasonally to match ingredients and general cravings the weather brings. i've actually been about three times in the last month and could nearly repeat the menu by rote now.

                  what did you want to find out from the menu?

                2. Batifole has more of a grown-up vibe; La Pallete is more fun 'n funky. They both have very excellent food.
                  Batifole is really busy on weekends, though, so you'll have to book ahead.

                  1. Actually, recently one needs to reserve for Batifole even during the week !

                    1. well I went.I and it was overall alright.

                      The owner - I assume - very friendly. One thing our restaurateurs need to remember - just b/c you're popular doesn't mean you can start hosing. I know some of you have said its changed since ownership switch, how you used to be so happy going there, and now its whatever...well, that's the secret to a quick death b/c the first and second timers, who feel that they 'helped get you started' feel kicked in the head, the the third timers, like me, say "whatever!"

                      Thank you all for your input.

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                        I used to work at Le Select, just after Mikey and Shumez (sp?, and I'm trying hard, I think that was their names), left to open La Palette. If Mikey left, that will be a big hit to them. I never really knew them personally, just a few nights of after-hours drinking, but he seemed to be the really food-driven side of the partnership. It's a shame too, I used to recommend it to everyone. Last time I was at Le Select their Fois was still pretty good, and a decent sized serving. When I worked there it was 3, 1/2" thick credit-card sized peices.