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Dec 14, 2006 06:32 PM

Bend/Sunriver recommendations

Heading over the week after Christmas and will probably have one night to go out. Haven't been there in quite awhile and wanting to check out one of the newer but well-received places. Is Blacksmith worth the hype?
Also, if there are any good gourmet/well stocked grocery stores suggestions, that would be helpful too!

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  1. The grocery store in Sunriver (the country store?) is actually pretty decent. In Bend good options include Newport Market (on Newport & 11th, westside) and Devore's which is right across the street.

    There's also a Wild Oats on the East side and Ray's on the way to the mountain (from Bend, not SR). I actually do almost all my grocery shopping at Fred Meyer which is certainly not "gourmet" but is very well-stocked.

    I'll let someone else answer the Blacksmith question--I've had good food there, but I'm more of a low-budget hound most of the time.

    1. Simply put, Blacksmith's isn't worth the hype. Check out Ariana's (sorry, the website is one of those annoying ones with music)

      or Cork:

      Don't go out of your way to Wild Oats.

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        Thank you both for your time and help. I had heard about Cork but not Ariana's.