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Dec 14, 2006 06:18 PM

Good banquet place in Las Vegas?

A group of wine geeks nationally is looking for a place to hold a dinner to which they can bring a bunch of their bottles of wine. Looks like Las Vegas is a leading candidate but nothing has been made final.
Attendance could be anywhere from about 60 to about 300. Probably closer to 60. It would be in about May or June.
Two places I've been able to find are Cili and a steakhouse called N9N or the 9 or something like that.
The food has to match with a wide variety of wine. So spicier Asian food, for instance, isn't an option. Steak and fish are usually good choices.
Any other suggestions? Any thoughts on Cili and 9?

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  1. Whatever you choose, I'd make sure to find out their corkage policy ahead of time to avoid any possible disappointment. Most places have a limit on how many bottles they will open. It sounds like you would probably have quite a few bottles to open and a lot of places will frown on that. Just a word of precaution.

    1. cili is a very nice space, with a good menu. It's ideal for that time of year, b/c they have a lot of outdoor space. it is also my understanding that they no longer do a regular dinner biz in the evenings, so may be amenable to what you are proposing.
      N9ne is great, but i really doubt that you will get the restaurant to agree to this, (although it is always worth asking) b/c it is very popular and busy, and basically would have to close for the evening for your group, who would not be buying alcohol...
      A couple of other options: there is a terrific restaurant in Henderson, fifteen minutes or so off the stip, called Todd's, which likely could accomodate a smaller (60-ish) group, and which does allow people to bring in wine (corkage certain nights, free on Wed). They might be willing to work with you to plan a special event. The food is terrific. Another option would to be to try to work with a strip hotel to do an event like this is a ballroom...and just do a catered menu. If 300 people are likely to show up, you will be hard pressed to find a restaurant to accomodate them, I suspect...

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        Thanks. 300 is unlikely. someone tossed that out as a possible maximum figure.
        N9ne has a private banquet room that holds a maximum of 60. That might work.
        I've emailed both N9ne and Cili and neither has responded, so I might have to come up with an alternative plan.

      2. Craftsteak at the MGM has a private room that holds around 75. I've planned two group dinners there, and we enjoyed ourselves both times. I do not know what their corkage policy is, but they have a nice wine list.