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Dec 14, 2006 06:00 PM

Do you collect food-related items?

A recent release of wine and cheese stamps from Canada Post spurred this question.

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  1. I try to collect sake stemware (shot glasses, cups and the like).

    I usually ask the Itamae whenever I am at the bar if I can buy one of their sake shot glasses. They usu. are more than happy to oblige and give it to me for free (and I reciprocate with a nice tip).

    1. I collect shot glasses when I travel and have them from all over the world. They're available everywhere, even airport giftshops and rarely cost more than $5, usually much less. Some are elegant, some downright tacky and fun. I've added to them at rummage sales and antique shops over the years.
      I use them for oyster shooters rather than serving oysters on the half shell at buffets and cocktail parties. Great conversation pieces.

      I have a collection of serving plates for hors d'oeuvres. I try to find square ones in every country I visit.
      Also I now have about 15 deviled egg plates from all over, holding from 8 egg halves (Russia) to 30 (South Dakota), some antique, some handcrafted, elegant to funky.

      1. Does having 8 sets of china, all sorts of serving ware, 2 sets + sterling flatware, 2 stainless and more assorted glassware from crystal irish coffees (maybe they'll get used next year) crystal hot toddies never used in 30+ years...but they were so pretty antique and contemporary count? Still aquiring when I shold be divesting.

        1. I have this odd thing for wooden spoons. Been collecting them for way too long but I do have (if I may say so) an amazing travel log of sorts...anywhere I've traveled...a wooden spoon (some quite valuable now) was purchased.

          Several made from bark right before my eyes. Not to mention the gifted spoons. No...I have no idea what to do with all these sticks of wood but my kitchen is stocked...and the collection continues. (grin).

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            I've got the same spoon thing going of at my house. Just received some spoons from my mom who had her "spoon lady" at the market in Bolivia make some for me with a whole in the center. (good for beating cake batter)

            1. re: bolivianita

              boliv...aren't those great! The slotted spoon is a whole category...don't get me started, it's really a crazy collection!

              1. re: bolivianita

                ahh wooden spoons, i have hundreds of those.. one for stiring juice, one for cookies, one for cake batter.. etc. etc.

            2. iEspresso cups, each one unique, each one a beauty.