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Dec 14, 2006 05:35 PM

Adria, Blumenthal, Keller, and McGee on "New Cookery"

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  1. Outstanding - a keeper for sure. Thansk for posting that.

    But Bourdain said it best on one of Daniel Boulud's After Hours shows:

    "It is our obligation as chefs... ultimately, we are not social advocates, we are not health food nazi's, we are in the pleasure business. Our job is to provide pleasure and to get them home, fed, happy, and hopefully having sex."

    1. It feels to me like this manifesto is a response to something, but I don't know what. Is there a backstory?

      There isn't much to disagree with in the statement, but also not much that would distinguish these sentiments from what articulate chefs who are not in the vanguard might say.

      1. Dave I agree. I'm not aware of a specific incident or article that prompted this manifesto, but it sure seems like there must be.

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          I'm not convinced that Anthony Bourdain's manifestos ever need prompting.

        2. I agree with Dave Feldman's comments above, and would go a bit further. This must be a response to some criticism, perhaps something particular but more likely an accumulation of comments and their response to them. However, when you parse through their manifesto it really isn't very different from what any chef might have said about himself going back to the dawn of civilization. Furthermore, doesn't it seem a bit over the top, in the sense that they are portraying themselves as pushing out the frontiers for everyone to follow, yet often the things they are doing (certainly the things they are famous for) are so contrived and technical that it's really impractical, if not impossible, for them to be applied by others on a wide scale. Sure it's fun and pleasurable for those who actually can eat their cooking (how many is that anyway?), but are these techniques really leading the culinary arts anywhere?

          1. Alexandra, You can order specific products made by Ferran Adria designed to take you to the next cooking level. (www.tienda.com). Now you can put milk skin on your deviled eggs with a can of Gellan or change the specific gravity of your macaroni and cheese with a can of Algin. Great stocking stuffers for friends that don't cook!