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joes' stone crab for lunch

chicago chowhound coming to southbeach for a couple of days after christmas. i keep hearing both raves and rants about joes'. does anyone know if the prices for lunch are any different from the dinner menu posted on their website? and is it really worth it? i'm willing to splurge on excellent seafood, but not on mediocre tasteless crab.

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  1. Joe's is an institution and if you've never been is worth going (IMO). Don't think there's much of a difference in prices on the lunch menu, esp. on the crabs.

    Stone crabs are quite yummy and Joe's generally are better than I've had anywhere else. Would definitely not say "mediocre and tasteless." They can be slightly less than great if you are at beginning or end of season, when I think they occassionally sneak some frozen ones in there, but that's not the case now.

    If you want to save a little, go for the smaller size claws. My favorite are the selects, which are between medium and large. I actually find the smaller ones have better flavor and texture although they're a little more work.

    The best bargain in town, by the way, is the 1/2 fried chicken at Joe's for $5.95. Excellent fried chicken and ridiculously good price.

    1. There is a Joes in Chicago btw which I hear is very good.

      1. Be adventurous and trek off the beaten path to Captain Jim's in North Miami. Stone crabs and fresh, fresh, fresh fish in an informal setting and the stone crabs won't set you back $70 a pound. Fish market with a casual restaurant attached, and I do mean casual. It ain't no Joe's but your wait and your wallet will be a lot lighter.

        You can check a Miami NewTimes review here:


        1. im pretty sure the joes in Chigago did not last very long..although if it is not open yet, there will be one opening in Vegas soon.

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          1. Some friends that relocated to Chicago have gone but they say it's not the same eating stone crabs when there's snow on the ground outside. The one in Vegas is in the expanded Forum shops at Caesar's. Haven't been but it looks promising. At least Miami is now represented amongst the rehashed restaurants from LA, SFO, and NYC that permeate Vegas. Then again, is Ortanique still open at Paris?

            1. IMO Stone Crabs blow all other crabs out of the water! NPI! Although I did have a very nice collosal lump crab app at Smith & Wollensky's the other day.

              Unless your down with the M'D at Joe's, your best bet is to either lunch there or go early or late for dinner. The waits otherwise can be worthy of a well deserved rant! Although, they do have a nice bar with a good bar menu.

              I must say the smaller ones are good, but if you don't mind parting with the 'dinero' - "mucho dinero" that is, the big ones IMHO are much better. They're just so much meatier and delicious. I'm starting to jones right now as I have yet to have any this season!

              Now that the seas are calming down, the price should come down seeing how they'll be more plentiful. Although, these next few weeks represent the height of the season and therefore demand will definately exceed supply. They are like a commodity!

              Even if you do not venture to Joe's Restaurant, try Joe's Takeaway or get them from some other reputable place, they are a true FLA delicacy.

              1. Actually the king crab claws at joes are my favorite...

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                  I just saw those collosal king crab claws your talking about last night. We sauntered into Takeaway for a cappuccino and some dessert last night and there they were staring back at me...HUGE! I had the good fortune of savoring some this Summer up in NY and yes they are good-great in fact. A few of those and a few Jumbo Stoners and you got yourself a shellfish poo poo platter to die for!!!

                2. I never go to Miami without stopping at Joe's one night... killer! The bigger the crab the better. Also, try the unusual cole slaw (sweet), the home fries.

                  Wonder what the Maitre'd (been there for years) makes a year in tips? Gotta be the best gig anywhere!!

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                    I just saw a post on Chowhound saying that the Maitre'D I spoke of above at Joes passed away about a month ago. Please know I would have never posted the comment about the gratuities if I had known of this terrible news. Dennis was a pro, an icon... and a great great guy. He will be missed by the many people who saw him as the "face" of Joes. Always had a smile on his face. Rest in peace my friend.


                  2. thanks everyone. looks like i might have to swing by joes' based on these. though i definitely like the north miami rec as well. also, what would be a good place for tapas on south beach?

                    1. Tapas y Tintos Espanola Way...

                      1. How is the lunch at Joe's in Miami Beach. I am going for the first time in 2 weeks. Thx

                        1. Joe's is a Miami Beach institution and deserves the honor. The stone crabs are great (I think a notch better than other places), much of the other stuff on the menu is also great including other mains and sides, and it's probably a little easier to get in at lunch than dinner. If you've never been, I recommend it.