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Dec 14, 2006 05:29 PM

Need recipe for Fruitcake Drop Cookies

The recipe I used for years is lost in storage, but it originaly came from Womans Day magazine. It was one of those pull-out booklets sometime in the 70's or 80's. It had candied fruit & raisens, which you soaked in brandy overnight, then mixed with dry ingredients and nuts. They were very good and lasted a long time--although not as long as fruitcake is rumored to last! So here I sit with my candied fruit and bottle of Brandy---

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  1. Here's a recipe from Ina, though they're sliced: I haven't tried them but they look good! I'm thinking about trying the mini fruitcake recipe in Rose's Christmas Cookies.

    1. Thanks, its not the one but I might use it if I can't find the other one. Happy Holidays.

      1. It's a long, winding thread, but someone mentioned it here: . As far as I can tell, the recipe never got posted though.

        1. Did you try searching brandy or brandied fruit cookies? I came across a couple while googling but none that referenced Woman's Day magazine. Also seen a few jewel cookie recipes which feature fruits and nuts. Hope this helps!
          By the way, if you find the recipe, could you please post it, I'd love to try it too. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

          1. Did you find the recipe? These sound exactly like the fruit cake cookies my mom makes every year. They are delicious. Everyone always turns up their nose at first b/c they are fruitcake - but then falls in love with them. If you don't have, I will get it from her. Just let me know.