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Dec 14, 2006 05:21 PM

Pizza:Where to grab a slice in Greensboro

Any experienced pizza eaters in Greensboro? If yes, what's your favorite place to grab a slice or 2 for lunch? Crisp crust, no gummy /goppy sauce, tasty cheese? Is there such a place here??? Someplace consistently good?

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  1. Hi, I just moved here from the Northeast. How far are you from Raleigh? Two weeks ago I discovered Tony's Pizza on Glennwood Avenue in Raleigh off Route 70.

    They are from NY, NY authentic pizza Large slices. It's awesome, so far the best pizza I've tasted here. Prices are pretty decent too!!!

    I sure miss NY.

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    1. re: claudia008

      At least you're in a much better place for eating out than I am. Then again, I save a lot of money by eating at home, and cooking is fun.

      1. re: TonySop

        Have you tried NY Pizza on Tate St? If not, you should. Very thin and crispy. I love their white pizza.

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        claudia008---seriously, you are in raleigh, greensboro is 1.5 hours away via automobile. stop with the trigger finger and figure out where the pancake you are!

      3. Hailing from CT, Can't vouch for any of the Elizabeth's Pizza location in Greensboro but the one in the bustling Metropolis of Eden serves up a legit slice.

        I second NYP on Tate.

        Pizzeria L'Italiano @ 219 S Elm St is all right as well. And yes, that includes the times I haven't had 8000 beers.

        Brixx serves up the wood fired brick oven style a la CPK. Decent, esp. if ordered extra cripsy and accompanied by a coupla pints of on-tap Dogfish 90 min.

        1. I think Mario's is the best pizza in Greensboro, but I'm a G'boro native, so I may not know much! LOL

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            I second Brixx. I will drive 45 minutes from Danville for it, but it depends on the type of pizza you are lookin for.

          2. we moved here from nyc a few years ago and think that mario's is probably the best ny style pizza in g'boro. they're from brooklyn, i think. elizabeth's is good. haven't tried brixx or nyp.

            1. Mario's is your best bet in Greensboro, its the same as Tony's.

              However, if youre int he charlotte/concord area look for Brooklyn's pizza (the REAL one) it is off of Dale Earnhardt blvd, in a shopping center next to an asian food place and near a bojangles, the owners' names are Eddie and Rich. The pie's are awesome! Ive been in the kitchen..homemade sauce, freshly fried sausage for pizza, homemade meatballs, and best of all homemade dough