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Good burgers near La Jolla (SD)

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Anyone have a recommendation for a good non-chain burger place near La Jolla? Seems like Hodads is the best burger joint in SD, but OB is kind of out of the way for me. I like Fatburger at well (even though its a chain), but their location and lack of parking keeps me from going there. Is there anything worth while in the Clairmont or Mira Mesa area?

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  1. Rocky's on Ingram has a great burger, as does the Liars Club in MB. Good upscale burgers in La Jolla can be found at Jack's, Nine-ten, and Fresh (Kobe Sliders).


    1. Beleive it or not, Bully's has a great burger. There is a Bully's on La Jolla Blvd. It is a complete meal, if comes with a salad and a choice of potatoe. It is served on a French Roll.

      It is under $1The Bully Burger - San Diego’s famous burger for over 30 years..................... Served with fresh tomatoes, Bermuda onion and a deli dill pickle
      With cheese (American, Swiss, Cheddar or Provolone)...................................... Add-ons bacon, sautéed mushrooms, Anaheim chilies, or avocado 0.

      1. Nine-Ten has an amazing burger - though more expensive than what you'll find at Hodad's. Of course, being in downtown La Jolla, parking isn't that easy. I think Chicago On a Bun does burgers, near UTC, but I haven't tried them.

        A friend told me about a place near La Jolla Shores called Jeff's Burgers, that he raves about, but I haven't been there either.

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          Does Nine-Ten valet for lunch? For dinner valet is $2 plus tip - a no-brainer in downtown La Jolla.

          I will also say I had the burger once at lunch and was not impressed - bun was too dry and burger under-seasoned.

          There is no bigger fan of Nine-Ten than me, but lunch I found lacking. I fully accept that I might have caught a bad day, but still not sure. Dinner on the other hand cannot be beat.

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            NIne-Ten also does a very good breakfast, or at least they used to. I haven't been there recently for breakfast, but the last time I had an excellent rendition of Eggs Benedict, plus the coffee was excellent. It was low key and no rush. Service was surprisingly good. They valet parked for breakfast.

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            Growing up my mom would drop me off at La Jolla shores for the day in the summer (with friends) and give me $5 for my food allowance. It was almost always spent at Jeff's Burgers. Haven't been there in years but I can still remember the ooozing cheese and the wrappers that they put the burgers in. So great after being at the beach. Man I should go back and check them out.
            That being said the Bully Burger is also great and so is Rocky's but it is cash only!

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              Jeff's Burgers is wonderful. Great milkshakes too. "John Pepper approved" Wonderful owner and staff

          3. Chicago on a Bun's burgers aren't anything special.

            Rocky's in PB is a good suggestion.

            For something a little more convenient to La Jolla, I think Player's Sports Bar has a resonably acceptable burger and they'll cook it to order, even rare, IIRC. It's at Clairemont Mesa Blvd + I805, in the McDonald's shopping center.

            1. Sounds like Rocky's would fit the bill - it's kind of a "joint" like Hodad's. They also have a pretty decent burger at George's - you can order it in the bar or on the ocean terrace.

              1. Duh, don't know how I didn't think of this earlier. In Clairemont, O'Brien's Pub has pretty good burgers. They make several custom ones that are good. My favorite is the beer cheese burger.


                1. Try La Jolla Brewhouse on Fay Avenue in La Jolla. I like their burgers (charbroiled, and they will actually get rare/medium rare right)....they have a lunch special (I think Thursday-Saturday) where you get a burger and a pint of draft beer for $5.95 or $6.95.

                  1. The Lodge at Torrey Pines serves a fantastic burger if you eat out on the deck in the "bar" section or down at their "clubhouse" restaurant near the driving range. Last time I was there it was about $10, and well worth it. They will validate the valet parking if you ask too, so all you'll need is a tip.

                    1. Quick update:

                      Yesterday I was craving a burger for lunch and decided to go check out Jeff's burgers since its casual and the closest to my office. I had the 1/4 lb cheeseburger, with fries and drink which came to be around $7 if I recall. The burger was pretty tasty, the meat patty decently sized and slathered with a good amount of "special sauce" (might just have been mayo but I didn't look too closely). Fries are frozen but decent.

                      Overall I enjoyed my burger and will be going back. The burger quality is definitely better than In-And-Out, pretty close to Fatburger. Jeff's stands out especially due to the lack of fast food burger joints in the La Jolla area. The only major problem is finding parking at La Jolla shores -- definitely not going to be easy to get to this place on the weekend.

                      1. Try "the Spot" in LaJolla for a Garbage Burger. Very casual and fun. Great casual food. Fun place. Keep circling for a parking meter. "john Pepper approved"