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Dec 14, 2006 04:57 PM

New Indian Restaurant in Pleasantville, NY

Does anyone know the name of the New Indian restaurant in Pleasantviile, along with the address and Phone #.

Also has anyone tried it. ANy other local Indian rest. suggestions that are good.


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  1. Bollywood Bistro
    68 Wheeler Ave.
    Pleasantville, NY

    Haven't tried it. Do a search in Chowhound, there have been postings already.

    I love Passage To India in Mount Kisco. It has gotten mixed reviews. However 2 people I know of Indian descent both say it's very much like their father/mother's home cooking. I've had delicious meals there.

    1. We ate at Passage to India when they first opened and while they had some interesting stuff (fried bananas, as I recall), overall the group I was with did not think the food was as good as other places in the area.

      We (people I eat with from work) like Mughal Palace in Valhalla. The buffet selection is not that great, but the food is always excellent. I always like Royal Palace in Greenburgh (near the movie theater). They have a mega-buffet with all sorts of stuff including dosas.

      I understand that the place in Pleasantville is very good but I have not eaten there (yet).

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        I just tried Mughal Palace last night. I asked if they could make the chicken (murgh) tikka masala spicy, to which they said yes, but it wasn't spicy at all when I was served. Aside from that, it was delicious. Creamy with a good flavor. Next time, though, I will try the vindaloo to ensure a spicy meal. The only other complaint I have is that they gave us a second basket of nan without even asking if we wanted another, and they charged us for it. I suppose we could've told them that we didn't want it once they placed it on the table. We did end up eating it...I just wished that they would've asked if we wanted another basket first, b/c we probably would've said no. :) Once it was there, we just had to eat it. A bit pricier than the other Indian places in the area, but worth it, I suppose.

      2. Indian fast food. The flavors lack sophistication and the sauces most likely come from a can. It's eats on an emergency only basis.

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        1. re: Pinnacle

          The name of the new place in Pleasantville is Bollywood Bistro . Their phone number is 914-747-4599.I was over there with my family and had a great meal . Their service is excellent and the kids had a great time too. I would highly recommend it

          1. re: Pinnacle

            Which Indian places in the area do you like?

          2. SOOOOO disappointed. Really wanted to like it. Thought it was pretty awful. I got a mixed tandori grill .. all of the food was tasteless. The chicken was mealy, awful mouth taste and absolutely no flavor. The shrimp was the same. Got a black lentil dish that was flavorless. Mixed grill, lentil, shrimp and a spinach nan ... $70
            Will not go back any time soon

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            1. re: SLO

              Can you tell us which of the Indian places in the area you like?

              1. re: MisterBill2

                That's somewhat of a tough call ... I like Mughal Palace and Jaipore, used to like Malabar Hill before it changed owners.
                I like the little grocery store in Thornwood that has food to go, although I haven't been there since they'ce changed hands.

                I haven't tried the ones down county but will ..
                Also want to try Thali in New Canaan.

                In NYC, I like Devi and Tamarind. I also like to wander around Jackson Heights and take my chances (Spicy Mina'a - NOT Jackson Diner which is awful) - although I haven't been in a while.

                My all time favorite place (outside of India) is in London (unfortunately) and it's called Amaya

                And you ... what are your "got-to" Indian restaurants?

                1. re: SLO

                  I really like the selection at Royal Palace in Greenburgh (and I think the food is very good), but I also really enjoy the food at Mughal Palace (although the selection is more limited). I never liked Malabar Hill -- I used to eat there fairly often before RP opened. I always felt like they treated you like garbage, cramming you in, and the lunch buffet selection wasn't very good. I have not been there since they changed hands.

                  BTW the reason for my question was I wanted to make sure that you weren't saying "another bad one, there are none that I like up here".

            2. Thought your question was a good one. I do want to try Royal Palace and some of the others further down county. Tough as I'm trying to be good on a diet!

              As I mentioned, my real problem with Bollywood Bistro was that the protein (meat, chicken shrimp) was so over tenderized it turned to mush and the wonderful Indian spices and flavors were nonexistent. Suburban Indian food for Americans at it's worst.

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              1. re: SLO

                Maybe you had a bad experience with Bollywood Bistro , however all my friends and my associates at work have been there quite a few times along with their family and have loved every bit of it . They are just great and Pleasantville loves them .We even had a catering for a small party done with them and everyone loved it .

                1. re: Julia00

                  I've tried it twice. BTW, my comment on the restaurant had absolutely nothing to do with Pleasantville .. curious comment ... "Pleasantville loves them"
                  I did find the people very personable and the space quite nice.

                  ... That's what makes horse races!

                  1. re: Julia00

                    I agree with you Julia , I live in Westchester for the last 18 years and was referred to Bollywood Bistro by a friend . We loved it . The food is one of the best I've had . The service was excellent. They even have a beautiful store adjoining it and from the number of women i saw there i can just tell how much they love it . I wish them the very best and hope they keep up the good work .

                  2. re: SLO

                    RE: BOLLYWOOD-I haven't eaten there but I tend to believe you--cause MOST Indian restaurants --suburban or urban are God-awful--My wife is from Bombay--and Indian food is my favorite-so I am speaking as a long-time lover of Indian food--Indian restaurant food in the U.S. is pretty much standard--regardless whether the owner is from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh--the food available on any block in any Indian city is so different and so much better tasting than what's available here...that said, I think Mughal Palace in Valhalla and Royal Palace in Greenburg are 2 of the best restaurants in the U.S. for their price category and ambience-I'll probably try Bollywood anyway--actually, some Indian people I know who live in Pleasantville said it was pretty good. Malabar was outstanding--but when it changed hands it went down hill--but some people said it has improved--and they still do a big night business.

                    1. re: richard640

                      I haven't been back, but am very interested in knowing what you think, please post once you've tried it. Any recommendation in NYC that are good and don't use too much ghee?

                      Interesting (to me) that there was a somewhat contentious discussion about Bollywood Bistro previously and the two pro Bollywood Bistro posters had never posted before. One has never posted since and the other has only posted about Bollywood Bistro again on another thread on Indian food in Westchester. Just pointing it out for what it's worth.....

                      1. re: richard640

                        I'm one of those people who think Malabar Hill improved with the new owners. Food tasted fresher, especially the appetizers. If only my young children would warm to Indian food....

                        Need to try Royal Palace in Greenburgh, though. Never heard of it before until this board.

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                      2. re: SLO

                        I think we've exchanged posts on this restaurant elsewhere on this site, and I'm somewhat dismayed and baffled about your experience: I've only been there once so far, but there was no lack of interesting spices or flavors during our visit, which I described for you in my earlier posts on this subject. I certainly agree that many Indian restaurants in Westchester serve a homogenized,watered-down, and ultimately indifferent fare, and I also prefer a more complex and assertive approach to the cuisine. That's why, for example, I have been a fan of the Pakistani take-out at Westchester Groceries in Thornwood, which I would continue to recommend. (BTW, I used to be a fan of Jaipore as well, but I've been wary of late, because I've found it preparation has been inconsistent.) Maybe I should go back and try Bollywood Bistro again, and see what's going on.

                        1. re: NickM

                          I would definitely urge people to try it again. Now that it's been open several months, things have settled down, and we've been very happy with the food there. It's prepared with care. There are several dishes on the menu that you don't see everywhere else (a cauliflower appetizer with a Chinese bent comes to mind), and the daily specials are often quite inventive. No one-sauce-fits-all approach, no gloppy unidentifiable curries.

                          No liquor license yet, either, so byob.

                          1. re: spa

                            I will be happy to try it again ... I would love to have a good Indian restaurant near by. I'm also a big fan of supporting local business.

                          2. re: NickM

                            I haven't been back to Westchester Groceries since it has chanhed hands ... Is it still as good as it was before? Talk about complex flavors, it was excellent (and the price was right).