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Best NYC restaurant that is kid "friendly"?

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I am not looking for places like Serendipity that cater to children but rather restaurants who's quality is very good while tolerating 2, 6, 8 year olds. Thank you inadvance for your help!

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  1. even if its cliche, bubbys is still a good choice.

    1. It entirely depends on how well behaved the kids are. I would take my 7-year-old to most restaurants in the city. (But of course one kid is different than three!) On a recent visit to Gotham B&G, I saw a family, including several young kids, enjoying an early dinner; the kids were very well behaved and, as a result, no one in the restaurant appeared to object.

      1. If the children are well behaved, osteria del Circo is very child friendly and the food is a little pricey but very good.

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            I always see plenty of kids at Otto on the weekends. Plenty of pizza and pasta for them, too.

          2. Can all your kids sit at a table and not make too much noise for 90 minutes? Maybe the 6 and 8 years olds can. But the 2 year old limits you. It's not whether the place "tolerates" it - it's really about the rights of the other patrons to enjoy their meal without being too disrupted by (normal) 2 year old behavior. Otto is a good choice.

            1. Give Landmarc a try. They welcome kids--they even have a children's menu. And the food's pretty good. Plus, their wine pricing policy is admirable.

              1. i would think places that serve pasta or pizza have more of a loud and family oriented atmosphere..like carmine's, john's, patsy's, etc.