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Dec 14, 2006 04:31 PM

Winterlicious Menus are Up!

Just wanted to let you guys know it's up on the Toronto website now:

January 26th to February 8th!
Reservations start January 11th.
I'm looking forward to trying out more new restos around town.
^^ Happy chowing...

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  1. Huzzah! I love the heads up, thank you!

    1. Hubby and I went last year - wasn't impressed!! Rush, Rush, Rush to get the next dining party in!!! I wouldn't go again.

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      1. re: Dundrumgal

        Aww, that's too bad :( Where did you go?
        I went to Wildfire for summerlicious this year with 10 friends and the service was really good. Most people were happy with their food as well. It was a Sunday and it wasn't busy.
        Maybe the really really popular ones that get booked like crazy are more rush rush...? i don't know ^^!

      2. Always lots of controversy about Winterlicious / Summerlicious, but we've enjoyed it. Last winter we went to the Boulevard Cafe, a place I hadn't been to for probably 2 decades. We really enjoyed ourselves and went back again in the summer (not during Summerlicious) for my birthday dinner. Last summer we went to Batifole, a place not too far from my neighbourhood. I had wanted to try it for a while, and again, we really enjoyed ourselves. We'll definitely book something again this year.

        1. Thanks for the heads up. Whoever re-designed their site should be shot. I've only been browsing 5 mins and am already annoyed. Why do I have to get sent to the top of the page again after every click...grrrrr

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          1. re: Wil

            I found if you click the "Expand all" on the left, you don't have to deal with this scrolling nonsense.

          2. Summer/Winterlicious has been a disappointment the last couple of years. While some restaurants (all the Oliver and Bonacini properties, North 44) -- provide good value with style and grace, many others (eg. Thuet, Zucca) serve measly portions of low-value food. Thuet was a particular disappointment last summer -- we were condescended to and left hungry.