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Dec 14, 2006 04:18 PM

Top 5 Burgers

1. J.G. Melon
2. Buger Joint (Le Parker Meridien)
3. P.J. Clarke's
4. Shake Shack
5. Martell's (though it apparently has closed)

Overrated: Corner Bistro (average), Jackson Hole (awful), Prime Burger (decent)

Always a fun debate. I excluded places like '21' because as great as the burger is there, it's really a steak. Donovan's is a great place, never had the burger though. I look forward to hearing your lists.

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  1. Any best burger list should include Mollys.

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    1. re: bobby06877

      Totally agree. Molly's is my number 1 favorite now that...weep weep...sniff sniff...McHale's is nothing more than a memory and a hole in the ground.

      Corner Bistro is overrated at 10pm. At 3am it shoots toward the top of the list :)

      And I always try to encourage those who find themselves on the UES to swing by Ratbones (2nd and 88th). Great burger served on an english muffin.

      I've become somewhat turned off by J.G. Melon. Tiny burger, tiny beers, all a-la carte. In the end, you end up spending upwards of $30.

      That's not 5, but Molly's carries enough weight to round out the list!


      1. re: bobby06877

        big nick's gotta be in there, walker's, soup burg

      2. 1. Shake Shack
        2. Blue Smoke
        3. Michael Jordan's
        4. Molly's
        5. Burger Joint

        Depending what burger you get at Corner Bistro (i.e., fresh or pre-cooked and reheated) it can be fantastic or it can be mediocre.

        1. 1. Shake Shack
          2. Shake Shack
          3. Shake Shack
          4. Shake Shack
          5. Shake Shack

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          1. re: Bob Martinez

            Puh-lease! I guess I can understand how a shack burger finds a place on someone's top 5, but if it occupies all 5 spaces I'm pretty sure you don't get around enough!

            BTW, I don't know if it makes the top 5, but I had the very good burger at Keens recently; I never see it mentioned.

          2. I'm not a big burger person, but the last burger I had that made me wish I ate them more often was at Daddy-O, a bar/resto on Bedford & Leroy in Manhattan. Juicy, with the works, and I could swear there way some homemade mayo on there. Yum!

            1. 1. Shake Shack
              2. Molly's
              3. Burger Joint
              4. PJ Clarkes
              5. Houston's

              Honorable mention: The Hideaway and Chumley's

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              1. re: Todd

                I am not the biggest burger boi in the city, however at someone's suggestion I tried the Judge at Hamilton Deli on Amsterdam Ave. and I must say, it is sooo bad for the heart, but oh sooo good for the soul :) Go deluxe with the curly fries and really wake up the cholesterol levels in your body, lol. Seasons Eatings everyone :)

                1. re: FOODJUNKIEVPC

                  Hamilton Deli? Do you mean the hole in the wall at Amsterdam at 116th?

                  1. re: gumnaam

                    Hamilton Deli? Seriously?

                    I go to grad school beside it. On a soul-crushingly chowless stretch of Amersterdam (113th-123rd), a Hamilton burger is arguably the worst single unit of food you can eat (save for everything at "Camille's" next door).

                    1. re: D...DF

                      As I stated in my post, it is NOT great for the body, but in my opinion, I happen to enjoy a Judge Deluxe, every once in a while. I did not state it was the *BEST* in the city, it is just one that I thought deserved some mention, obviously, you feel differently and that is great, diversity is what we need more of in this world! I agree with you on Camille's, great food, nice atmosphere and not too well known. Now, good luck on your finals!

                      1. re: FOODJUNKIEVPC

                        I think D...DF was trying to say that Camille's has the worst food on that stretch of Amsterdam. I'd go so far as to say that it's up there with the worst food you can eat in the city! Never eaten at Hamilton Deli but have it Apple Tree (same owners). No comment.

                        1. re: gumnaam

                          Oops. my bad ;( However, I think Camille's does a good job and once again we are all entitled to our own opinions. But then again, these are really just lunch spots after all, it is not like I would makie a reservation or anything for a Hamiltons Judge Deluxe, I mean that is what Chanterelle is for right?? Mmmmm Chanterelle, cannot wait. That is why I love NYC, you can make your heart work overtime with grease and goo from a burger joint or eat from some of the best cheeses in the world at Artisanal or have a nice a nice bowl of Pho at Thaison, mmmm Pho, aw well have a great day everyone!

                          1. re: FOODJUNKIEVPC

                            Thanks, gumnaam. Yes, I was saying that, IMO, Camile's is the worst "restaurant" on that stretch of Amsterdam and I agree that it is a contender for, well, worst restaurant in the history of modern civilization. Sorry to stray from the very timely and successful OP.

                            Thanks to Foodjunkie for the finals well wishes! Lord knows I need 'em.