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Dec 14, 2006 03:57 PM

Beef Bones used for stock

What are the best bones to use for a beef stock? Can I use marrow bones? I noticed Whole Foods had a bunch of different kind of frozen bones on sale this week - they included rib bones, neck bones, marrow bones and something called soup bones.

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  1. Yes, yes, YES! Use 'em all! Even better if they're sawn up to expose more marrow!

    1. Yep, agree to all of the above. But my absolute favorite are short ribs. Heaven.

      1. Neck bones are often the least expensive. There is more meat on them than marrow bones.


        1. If you are making a demi glace use some veal bones mixed in. Apparently they have more gelatin, which my cooking class instructor says is a good thing.

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            Feet are also a great source for gelatin. A shank or hock with skin still on would also work.

          2. The last time I made demi-glace, the butcher offered me a beef scrag for a giveaway price -- a big chunk of meaty bones that probably comes from somewhere specific but looked like a miscellaneous mess. Also a beef neck. The stock came out great. Adding a foot would probably have made it even better. You need the things with unspeakable names and origins.