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Dec 14, 2006 03:23 PM

Best Italian Sausage in Philadelphia?

I always buy my Italian sausage at Cannuli's at 17th and Ritner. I'm wondering though who else makes great fresh sausage?

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  1. Fiorella's, 817 Christian St. Best I've ever had, though I've never had Cannuli's.

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    1. re: Buckethead

      I got Fiorella's sausage (both hot and sweet) this week and it was excellent. They also sell pre-seasoned Italian pork roasts. I was thinking of getting one for Christmas this year. Has anyone tried one of theirs?

      1. re: Buckethead

        You have to get Canulli's - It is different to Fiorella's - difficult to pinpoint why, but you must go buy some. I am not even an italian sausage fan, but found myself cooking up more and more of Canullis (no fennel version) sausage. It seems to have a smoother and sweeter consistency than Fiorellas, but still sufficient meatiness. They are on the left hand corner of 17th and Ritner as you get to the traffic light. Oh by the way I only live a couple of blocks from Fiorellas and would drive to Canullis every time.

        1. re: der

          You put your finger right on it. If you like the "rougher/courser" consistency you'll go for Fiorella's every time. That's my preference. Canulli's is also great, and you're right that it seems to be a finer-grind. Different strokes for different folks.

      2. I second Fiorella's. I've had a lot of Italian sausage in the area and it is the best I ever had.

        1. I get a roast from there about once a year. It's excellent.

          1. Fiorella's hot with fennel is my favorite. On top of a pile of garlicky greens, heaven. But there are lots of good sausage makers in the 9th St. market to try.

            1. I like Carpuccio's on s 9th. They have more of a selection if you are looking for spinach and sharp, apple, or tomato and basil kind of sausage.