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Dec 14, 2006 03:20 PM

Redneck Texans in search of quintessential Italian

Will be in NYC next Wednesday and would love some ideas for a romantic, quintessential Italian restaurant.

I am envisioning:
great fresh fish
would love fresh anchovies
white tablecloths
italian opera in background
cool neighborhood for afterdinner Irish coffee

Am I just dreaming?

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  1. Depends on your price point...

    I like I Trulli in Murray Hill

    for something a lot less expensive, I dig La Piadina in the West Village.

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    1. re: sam1

      Thanks - hadn't considered I Trulli - only because there is an I Trulli in DC that I didn't care for. Have no idea if they are affiliated or not.

      Don't care about the price.

    2. I think you must chose between quaint, historic, and Godfather.

      Quaint and good:
      Piccolo Angelo or Malatesta Trattoria or Valdino West. Village places with good food. Le Zie in Chelsea has great food too.

      Patsy's Restaurant (not Pizza) in midtown. Old haunt of Frank Sinatra's. Or Il Mulino in Little Italy. Both will have garlicky red sauce dishes (which I like) and other stereotypical trimmings.

      Right out of the Godfather:
      Fedora, on W. 4th. White tile floor. Been there forever. Mediocre food. (They could easily have an old style toilet with a chain pull, etc., etc. But they won't have the best veal in the city....)

      1. 'esca, or 'cesca, or whatever that Batalli joint venture is that specializes in fish. Look it up...

        1. Borgo Antico (Tuscan), 22 East 13th Street (near Union Square), Restaurant is located in a brownstone; nice, intimate dining room; good pasta and Italian-style game dishes; we’ve eaten there about 3-4 times over the years

          Basilica Italian Restaurant, 676 Ninth Avenue (47th St.), Never eaten there but it has been recommended by a friend. Reviews say it is a small, authentic family-style Italian restaurant...a good value. Maybe you’ll try it out and let me know?

          1. pepolino in tribeca is one of my favorites for italian. definitely not of the historic or godfather category. very delicious food; homemade pastas, amazing meatballs.

            i also hear enthusiastic raves about da andrea but have not been there myself yet.