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Dec 14, 2006 03:16 PM

Aisa Pearl in Richmond on a cold winter night.

On a cold winter night I was asked to share a meal at Asia Pearl in Richmond. A couple of friends who lives in the area who was not chowhound wanted to share this discovery with me. When I arrive and found a latest winter menu.

Some of the items were very interesting. I can only post the items I remember since it in Chinese only so I did not pick up a copy.

Slow cooked whole dry abalone cost from 38 to 68 each.

Slow cooked duck in a pumpkin, not sure which squash they are using so since we did not order this dish.

Oxtail cooked in red wine sauce in a clay pot.

Preserved meats in a clay pot.

Sago cooked rib eye steak.

We had the 38 abalone, which was served in it natural sauce with snow pea leaves.

Ox tail clay pot

Stir mixed mushrooms with dry tofu skin

Preserved meats in clay pot, lop chong, lop yuke, and lop duck cooked over rice which we had the kitchen add soup after we had the rice.

Fried corn fritter and coconut pudding.

Cost of the meal with a 20% tip was 70 bucks.

Will need to try other duck and steak, stay tuned for further developments.

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  1. We had high hopes for this place for dim sum when it first opened. But were disappointed because many of the plates came out lukewarm rather than hot. It's interesting that the same group owns also Macau Cafe and The Kitchen in Milbrae, plus several restaurants in Sacto.

    1. Yum - the clay pot with the preserved meats sounds great! Was it a good dish?

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        It was good. We had two lop chong, the breast of the duck and a half of piece of lean lop yuke. The rice was not oily so they must of parboil the meats quickly to reduce the oil.

        When I make this at home I use the bones of the perserved duck to make a stock and use that as my cooking water for the clay pot rice. The rice did show traces of lop meat in it so the it was cooked in the clay pot.

        We just purchase two new clay pots and we need to try them after the holidays.

        There was enough meats for the dish but I like more meat. Man does not live on rice alone. "where the beef"? The of staff said that later they make there own lop yukes. If I only had a walk in, somewhere I have a recipe for lop yoke.