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New Years Eve in Cambridge

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I'm looking for a good restaurant for a New Years Eve dinner and toast- pref. in Cambridge. Has anyone heard of any decent ideas that will be festive but not totally packed with college kids?

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  1. I would check out Oleana, EVOO, Sandrines and Rialto.

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      Went to Rialto about 4 years ago for NYE and it was horrible. Cattle call waiting lines for the seat times, poor pre-fixe menu, rush to get out before the next group is seated.

      Never been disappointed at EVOO.

    2. Also check out Salts.

      1. Check out the NYE listings on Opentable.com.

        Om is doing a prix fixe with wine pairings. Their second seating will include a toast. They are offering two levels of wine pairings the high end is including Krug(not clear which mark of Krug), which is IMO one of the finest champagnes. Om is also a fun place which would be nice for NYE.
        Upstairs on the Square also offers a NYE prix fixe menu, not sure about a toast though.

        1. If the toast is in line with Om's portions, you will get a thimble full of Krug.