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Dec 14, 2006 03:07 PM

Poppy Seed Filing in Boston?

Does anyone know of a good source in Boston for poppy seed filing (even in the can, Solo is the most common brand)? I've looked in my local Shaw's (Porter Sq.) and Foodmaster (Rt 16), but no luck so far. I'm looking for the sweet kind, not just regular old poppy seeds, obviously. I'm on a mission to make hungarian poppy seed roll! Thanks!

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  1. Call the Russian stores- they sell poppy rolls and sometimes sell the filling separately (maybe frozen?)
    I am lazy, so I buy the rolls and they are great


    1. The Butcherie in Brookline usually has the Solo filling, and sometimes their own as well. I have also seen Solo at Stop & Shop in Brighton and Natick.

      1. The Butcherie definitely has it as does Bazaar in Brookline (not sure about the one in Allston).

        1. Beacon Kosher on Beacon St., Brookline, out past Coolidge Corner usually has excellent homemade "poppy seed butter" (ground poppy seeds mixed with sugar) available. It is the best poppy seed filling that I have found around here. You need to ask the guy at the front for it, and he will go get it.

          1. This is an old thread but I have the same question. In the last few years, has anyone found a good source (not in Brookline, preferably in Cambridge / Beacon Hill / Back Bay) for poppy seed filing?

            Thank you.