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Dec 14, 2006 03:07 PM

best source for fleur de sel near cambridge

Please help me find the best source of fleur de sel (and other salts) around Cambridge. It seems that Christina's is expensive as is Formagio's.

Any brand that you'd recomend?

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  1. I think Penzey's in Arlington carries it. I know they carry specialty salts @ pretty reasonable prices. I'd call first though.

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    1. re: C. Hamster

      Formaggio is cheaper per ounce than Penzey's, at least in the smaller size. Penzey's charges $7.49 for 3.5 oz while Formaggio charges $7.95 for 125 g (4.4 oz).

      Note that $7.95 is what I paid at Formaggio a few months ago, YMMV.

    2. I would head to Penzy's Spices in Arlington. Penzy's is an amazing spice shop (better than Christina's in my opinion). I picked up a small jar of Fleur de Sel for $7.00 (3.5 ozs). They also have Sel Gris. For more info on their spice/salt selection check out their website

      1. There is always Williams Sonoma. The one in Copley has 8.8 oz for $10

        1. Have another look at Christinas. They carry my favorite Maldon, a sea salt from the UK in addition to pink hawaiian salts, sel gris, smoked salt from Wales and several types of fleur de sel. (I have a salt fetish.)

          Yes, they are pricey, but as they are typically used as a garnish, a box will last a long time.

          Many of these salts are also carried at Formaggio, but they are even more expensive there.

          I checked out the salt collection at Penzeys last week. Yes, cheaper. In my opinion, not as good.

          1. Pemberton's on Mass Ave. also has a large selection of salts--fleur de sel, pink salt, grey salt, himalayan, etc.

            For real fleur de sel, you have to pay a lot. But these are finishing salts, they are not for general cooking, so a little lasts a long time.

            There are some very good fleur de sel-style salts that come from Maine which are very good.