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Dec 14, 2006 02:47 PM


Research of this board shows that these are the two french restaurants to go to.

My specific questions?
1. Price of a meal for two? (Avg)
2. Seafood/Vegetarian friendly?
3. We are chow-babies, the pigs knuckles and even foie gras sounds a bit scary, is it still worth the experience if you aren't going for these specialities?


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  1. The price is about the same for both, although I would say that it's maybe a bit pricier per dish at CC&P. However, both have amazing wine cellars and that will always boost the cost. APDC is NOT vegetarian friendly, as this is certainly not the theme of the place. However, their understanding and treatment of the few fish dishes, such as the smoked mackerel is excellent. I found that CC&P is a more refined dinner whereas APDC is more a thematic experience - foie gras and/or quebecois food.

    1. The menu at Au Pied de Cochon is designed to please people whether they are on a beer or champagne budget. If game or extreme cuts of pork don’t interest you, there’s always French onion soup, tomato tart, salad with blue cheese and walnuts, smoked mackerel, fish and chips, gigantic pork chops, lamb, French fries, sugar pie, pouding chomeur (a sweet shortcake baked with butter and maple syrup), etc. All of it is excellent.

      They usually run a fish special, but really, this time of year, their seafood selection is limited. The best time to go for fish and shellfish is late May to late September.

      APdC is not really a place that’s sympathetic to vegetarians.

      Figure $35 to $40 per person if you choose carefully and/or share plates (easy to do, because the portions are huge) and drink beer or cider instead of wine, $70 per person and up, if you go nuts.

      I can’t give you as much detail on CC&P because I haven’t eaten there yet, but if you check their website, you’ll see that lunch is quite reasonable ($18 to $34 per person, without wine).

      Restaurant Le Club Chasse et Peche

      1. Havent been to CC&P but APDC definitely focuses on quebec/french food... for traditional french and bistro cooking there might be other places... you must try the foie gras if you go.. ask the server for a dish without too much of it... the fact that you are on chowhound means you should at least try it! (right?!) wife and I had a great time and as another poster mentioned you can go cheap or extreme as for prices... we had 1 app, 2 salads, 2 entrees, 2-3 glasses of wine and it was around $100-120.... absolutely loved it.. but please, try the foie!

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          If I was veggie, I would go to APDC only in the summer, when the have amazing seafood specials, and you can have a salad starter, and with some great pie for afters. We were there last week, and not much for vegetarians, altho again, the maple sugar pies alone are worth going for - but wont you feel bad looking at everone else tucking into their enormous pieces of meat? I would! We had a lovely cassulet and poutine but I was still yearning after the guinea fowl special.

          I would call up CCP and ask them what they have and what they can do - they are very responsive so maybe they can put together a suitable menu, and it is an amazing resto. If you are on a budget, definitely stick to lunch.