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Best food towns in Westchester?

This is a follow-up to my post yesterday about Peekskill. My fiance and I are currently looking to buy a house in Westchester, and while we're considering Peekskill most strongly now, we're also still open to other towns.

Could you guys post your votes for the town(s) with the best food shopping and restaurants? We're particularly interested in finding a place where we could walk to at least basic decent shopping and a few good restaurants. It seems like Peekskill offers some good restaurants that are walking distance from the town center, but that we'd have to drive for decent shopping. That may be OK, but I'm also interested in knowing what else is out there. (Can you tell I don't know Westchester at all??)

All feedback is greatly appreciated!


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  1. I'll keep my criteria strictly to food (without regard to any other factors you'd include when choosing a home). but far and away, my two favorite food towns in westchester are (in order) Port Chester, then New Rochelle. As for food shopping... you can get pretty much whatever you want there nowadays.

    Those two towns have the best variety and food for *my* tastes (i.e., great, but not necessarily "high-end," or expensive eating - even if they do have some of that too).

    1. We find that we never venture far from all the excellent choices in Rye...and more restaurants are coming!

      1. Depending on what kind of shopping you are looking for, Mt. Kisco is another option. It's a very walkable town, with some tasty restaurants (Flying Pig, Temptation Tea House, Passage to India, Mango Cafe, and La Camelia are favorites) and some specialty food stores (La Tulipe pastries, Mt. Kisco Seafood, Mt. Kisco Smokehouse, and Kisco Farm). That said, it also has some chains (Gap, Banana Republic and the like downtown) as well as Target, so it doesn't fit everyone's bill.

        1. as an fyi, i think port chester and new ro are mostly known for their plethora of ethnic eats, which in the case of westchester would be anything mexican, and central and south american. lotsa taquerias if you know what i mean. and dont get me wrong, i love those places, but they're not for everyone.

          1. From what I have seen in the last hundred years, my choices in lower Westchester (I'm not familiar with Peekskill or the river towns) would be:

            Rye, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Scarsdale, White Plains and Harrison in that order for restaurants, shopping and decent housing. White Plains is the 'new' New York, if you like that sort of thing.

            I'm not impressed with the shopping in Port Chester and New Rochelle has absolutely no decent stores, not a one, in which to shop.

            As I said, I've been here a gazillion years and have seen the best attention paid to neighborhood, downtown shopping and restaurant availability in the towns I mentioned. White Plains has done an admirable turnaround from the ghost town it used to be at night only a few years ago. Port Chester is paying more attention to its downtown, but needs a few years to go before it can offer more. New Rochelle needs at least six more mayors before it starts to pay attention to the nothingness that is between Home Depot and New Roc.

            1. please check school systems if you have children, although better schools often mean much pricier housing. cost is outrageous here! dobbs ferry has a few goodies and close to big new grocer in ardsley. a few korean grocers as well and a natural grocer in hastings- close to yonkers for ethnic. pchester is close to rye/mmk. for more options of shopping and restaurants.

              1. Rye, but it is very expensive there.

                1. We live in Pleasantville, which doesn't offer a huge amount in terms of restaurants (though the scene is improving in leaps and bounds). But what works for us, food-wise, is the central location: We can be anywhere from Port Chester to Peekskill in 20 minutes and can walk to the supermarket if necessary (though, to be honest, that doesn't actually happen all that often). And we can be in the city in under an hour; that's key. I'm sure you're taking other considerations--village/city vs country feel, sense of community, diversity, arts, schools, ease of commute, etc--into account as well in your search. Good luck!

                  1. For a small walking village, Larchmont has a wonderful array of Restaurants. Also, lots of boutiques and shops. Good luck.

                    1. And Bronxville has to be the worst!!!

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                        juweee, have you walked in Downtown New Rochelle lately?

                      2. Dolores.. the only real adjustment you will need to make is that you *will* need to drive everywhere - whether for restaurants or for shopping.. After all, you'll be in the suburbs, which is not as densely populated as in manhattan or other boroughs.

                        You may want to take a drive around various westchester towns to check them out on your own. But for what its worth, you may want to check out Mt. Vernon (the northern part known as Fleetwood) which has a basic A&P, an asian market, an italian deli, a butcher shop, and a natural foods store, and is surrounded by parkways, so you can get anywhere else by car very easily. (Not to mention that its 30 mins by train to midtown!)

                        It also has a few decent restaurants - The Bayou and Spring Asian are right in Fleetwood, and you will be close enough to Bronxville, Pelham, Yonkers, Eastchester & other southern westchester towns for other good restaurants.

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                          This response may be a little late, but like you I moved from NYC-Brooklyn-specifically right off Spring Street in Carroll Gardens known for its amazing restaurants. My one challenge to my husband who wanted to move to Westchester was find a town and a house where I have the option to walk to restaurants, basic shops etc. We ended up in Mamaroneck and although it took time, I now love it here. From our place, we can walk to "basic" shops like CVS, italian deli's, banks, boutiques, the gym, the library, and the post office right in the village etc. In addition, there are French, Japanese and a good number of Italian restaurants also right in the village. Most importantly at least for me, is that the train station is a quick seven minute walk so I can get into the city quite easily. For food shopping, I like to drive to Trader Joe's or Mrs. Greens, an organic grocery store in nearby Larchmont (which is also a great town). Mt. Kisco is also another great walkable town. Where did you end up?

                        2. are you sure you want to live in Westchester? What you seem to be describing is downtown manhattan...like soho or the west village. Then you can eat well, shop better, and walk everywhere.

                          1. I am biased because I have lived in Mamaroneck for the past two years, but I like it here. We can walk to the train station, to Trader Joes, a little movie theatre, a big park on the water, and lots of restaurants. Within walking distance I have Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Moroccan, Turkish, Indian, French, and Italian food, and more.