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Dec 14, 2006 02:43 PM

Update on the Brazilian scene

Does anyone have an update on Brazilian steakhouses? I searched and found some results from '03 (Samba, etc.), but nothing more recent. With Fogo de Choa set to open I was wondering if that was the best option or if there may be a slightly less expensive option, without sacrificing too much in quality.


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  1. Pinchanna at castor and levick is the sure shot ,20 pp all you can eat.
    Don't miss the sirloin.

    1. I absolutely love Picanha Grill...and so did Craig LaBan from the Philadlphia Inquirer. He gave it two bells not too long ago.

      It's very authentic, but not much on decor. The food is fantastic and the prices reasonable.

      My Brazilian friends dine there whenever they have a chance.