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Dec 14, 2006 02:24 PM

Any Great Cheese Shops in the Orlando Area

I know about Whole foods in Winter Park, usually the selection in Whole Foods Markets are Excellent but I think that Winter Park's has Missed the Mark. Any Suggestions?

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  1. Whole Foods is the largest selection that I have found, so far.
    Would love to have more people answer this. Fresh Market on Dr. Phillips carries a small supply of cheeses as does Petty's Meat in Longwood.

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    1. re: sharhamm

      I Wish I could find a real cheese shop, one that only sells cheese and the likes. Fresh Market is not bad, but most of the cheeses are hard cheeses. I am wanting/looking for soft and semi-soft cheeses from around the world.

      Hopefully someone knows a place that may be a hidden gem!

      I have been surprised before, so I will keep my fingers crossed

      1. re: OrlandoChef

        The two Whole Foods you mention and Petty's are just about it.

        You might take a peak at Harmoni Market in College Park. It's in the Wellslean condo, right next door to "K" restaurant.

        They make fresh mozzarella daily and, when they opened, they had a pretty good selection of cheeses. On my last visit I thought it had been pretty well picked over and not replenished -- an experience Scott Joseph mentioned in his review.

        I'd suggest giving them a try, perhaps they have restocked. And the mozzarella alone is worth the trip,


        1. re: OrlandoChef

          do you have a Wild Oats in Orlando? The one in Tampa has an amazing cheese selection.

      2. I went to Harmoni in high hopes of a great selection, But honestly I was let down. I too felt as though it had been picked over, but after reviews and comments from others I think they just haven't put their whole heart and soul into creating a "Market" of sorts. I think the products they have on hand are the ingredients they use for the Restaurant, which finicailly makes good sence but does not offer a wide selection.

        I can't wait for the new Whole Foods to open, from my past experiences with them in other cities their selection is top notch!

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        1. re: OrlandoChef

          I read on their site that the new Whole Foods is going to be 50,000 square feet. Hopefully they will have a larger selection of cheeses. Do you have any idea when they are to open?

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          1. Been a bit since the post to this thread...but should be opening up in October (according to their site) Whole Foods still hasnt announced when their new store will open up.

            If anyone else knows of a cheese shop in Orlando that is already in business, do tell...I'm looking to put together a wine&cheese basket for a wedding this month. Thanks!

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              that is the best news i've ever heard! I LOVE CHEESE!

              1. re: britterbeezer

                Every holiday season the mount dora lions Club makes a trip to wisconsin and pics up a semi truck full of Cheese and sells it at a stand on 441 next to walmart in mount Dora. They have several varieties of the soft cheese you might be looking for.

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