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Dec 14, 2006 02:04 PM

interesting NYTimes article about Hungarian/Satmar Hassids

Did anyone see the article in the NY Times food section yesterday about Hungarian food traditions being kept alive in certain Hassidic communities? A sidebar to the article listed three restaurants in Williamsburg:

Gottlieb's Restaurant (Roebling St.)

Green & Ackerman Restaurant (Ross St.) and

Tiferes Bakery (Marcy Ave.)

I am wondering if any Hungarian-food fans out there could comment on these places? (I'm considering taking my Hungarian-American friend to one of them, but I won't have a chance to try them myself first.) Any further information would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. there's a mini-conversation about this article
    on the Food Media board

    1. Thanks, pitu! I don't usually check the Food Media board, so I hadn't seen those posts. Still, I'm wondering if any chowhounds have comments about those particular restaurants in Williamsburg.... Anyone?

      1. Gottliebs has kick-ass thursday night chulent, although i haven't been in say 7 years. Overall, it's a pretty greasy joint. Go on a thursday night and get chulent with kishka, and a side of potato kugel for the true experience. Then tell me how your stomach feels...