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Dec 14, 2006 01:41 PM

Late night dining in KC

When you have to eat late, your options are often limited to McD and Wendy's because most places are closed by 8:30/9pm. What are some of people's favorite late night places?

I tried out Jen-Jen's (9066 Metcalf)last night and was very pleased by the Chinese food and the hours. They take the last order at 12:30am. When I called, I had to ask the guy who answered to repeat for clarification because I was shocked. 12:30 as in midnight? :) Added bonus, they take credit card because who wants to go to an ATM late at night?

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  1. We hit some high points this summer on this thread

    I know I've come up with a few more since then. I'll add as I remember.

    There was an article about El Patron on Southwest Blvd in the Pitch a couple of weeks ago. According to the article, kitchen's open until at least 11.

    This is what I wrote about it in another thread:

    I know it seems a little redundant, but there is a new Mexican restaurant on SW Blvd. El Patron, at the former Gia's Italian Cucina spot at 2905 Southwest Blvd. They are going for a little more elegant vibe, with a full bar (with a cute bartender!) and salsa dancing. The food was excellent, if a little ordinary. Based on the decor, I was hoping for something a little out of the ordinary. I got a sampler plate with excellent carne asada and a very good chicken enchilada. Boring, I know, but I like to get a calibration meal on a first visit. Good smoky hot salsa, one of the best I've had in town.

    While there, the folks at the next table got what looked like Cuban pressed sandwiches (which I didn't remember seeing on the menu). Bartender was muddling mint. So, with the salsa dancing, they might be thinking about something a little more Carib, a little less SW Blvd.