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Dec 14, 2006 12:33 PM


Hi everyone,
My family and I used to go to Sab's all the time when I was little. It has probably been over 15 years. We've decided to go for Christmas Eve this year. Could anyone who has been lately offer some opinions on food, etc.? Thanks!

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  1. It's the same, nothing has changed. If one thing is constant, it's Sab's.

    1. Actually, it got pretty bad then there was a year a few years ago when it got better and now it's back to be bad again!

      1. it's been a few years for me but there were two really good things about Sab's that were unique - their heavy oily double-sided garlic bread and their creamy cheesy homemade salad dressing. dipping the first into the second toward the end of a salad was pure heaven. if those two items are still there it's a reason to go

        1. I must have missed the years it was really bad and I admit, I haven't been recently. Do have to agree with Jamie D about that dressing - love that stuff - if I'm having a craving for it, I go to Giant and buy it, not exactly the same, but close enough. They used to make a pretty good veal parm, don't know about now.

          1. I think Sabs is great if you know what to order. I stick to the pasta dishes & salad (great dressing). I save the meat/poultry dishes (like chicken parm, veal francese, etc...) for other restaurants. I LOVE the "baked rigatoni with meatsauce" at Sabs.
            Also, you can order most dishes as half portions, then try a variety.
            And save dessert for Vaccaro's- even though some desserts are from there