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Dec 14, 2006 12:02 PM

Best Maki/Sushi in/near Pompano Beach

We are in Pompano Beach for 2 weeks and want to find the best maki/sushi i nearby. We have never found anywhere that makes the proper rice to filling ratio in the area. Please help.

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  1. hey robb, coming from CA I'm a bit hard to please in the sushi genre. I have not explored Pompano for Sushi, but is Boca/del ray close enough??? if so, Kyoto has decent sushi and the atmosphere is hipper than most. LemonGrass is another but the seating is not real comfy. both of these recs are in downtown Del Ray. BlueFin is pretty good in Boca on Yamato. but......really, who wants just pretty good and decent....I want someone to tell me about mouthwatering, fish melting sushi!!!! Is it somewhere here in our area????

    1. I've heard good things about Kyoto and plan to try it. LemonGrass is so/so (though popular) and the last time we were there it was noticably dirty, and the tables in chairs not in great shape. We also thought BlueFin was so/so. I would also love to hear about some good sushi in this area.