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Dec 14, 2006 09:31 AM

Good First Date place in Southwest Broward

Hey All,

Planning a casual "first date" dinner in the Southwest Broward area. Something with a decent atmosphere for conversation. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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  1. Hmmmm....casual??? I'm not real familiar yet with that area, but I've been to Season's 52 and that has a nice atmosphere with cozy spots for a first date. I love the Canyon, but it's loud unless you're going early and during the week. How about Himmarshee's for casual semi-fusion food and then you can walk along the river. for your second date, should you bump it up a notch or two, then definitely Blue Moon cafe on the water or the River House. I'm still exploring Ft. lauderdale. And.....when you're in love!!!!! then head over to Cafe Maxx for a divine dinner and a fab bottle of vino.

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      1. If you're looking to stay closer to SW Broward, I've heard that Cohiba in Pembroke PInes is good. Havent' been there myself. I like Flanigan's in Weston which is very casual with good food and drinks. If you like Asian, you can try Stir Moon sushi and stirfry in Weston - very good. Lucille's in Weston is good comfort food - not too pricey.

        1. John the Baker: excellent Pizza Palour...the garlic bread and pizza are not to be missed, the other italian dishes are just so so (at least the ones I've tried). SW Pines Blvd.

          La Granja: awesome peruvian rotisserie chicken. they now offer other dishes (which I have not tried) Same plaza as above (near Home Depot)

          Latin American Grill: killer cuban cuisine ditto location.

          Jersey Wings: looks interesting?

          Then there's that slew of suburbian style chain eateries along West Pines Blvd. Take your pick!

          On the Boarder (chain) is out by 75 on Pines...for poorly contrived gringo-izd Mexy.

          There's an Ale House out there...among many others...

          Do a drive by and pop your head in a few places.

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            Netmover you are on the money with On The Border. Not that I think Chili's is chow-worthy, but i think the food is better there than at On The Border.

          2. If Thai food would be appropriate, Emerald Thai, South of 595 near Pine Island is excellent and moderately priced. If you like duck and you like mild (coconut) curries, share the Emerald Duck...very sensual! They offer excellent seafood dishes as well. The atmosphere is clean, not fancy - but it is a quiet atmosphere, good for conversation and there is no rush.