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Dec 14, 2006 04:58 AM

Cilantro Cuisines restaurant in Oakville

Cilantro Cuisines restaurant in Oakville got a very big rave in a restaurant review by The Toronto Star on Wednesday(Dec 13th). It's a Malaysian restaurant. Anyone with experience dining there?

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  1. I'm eagerly awaiting a report as I can always do with some interesting food in the Western burbs !

    1. cilantro cuisines is definitely worth a try. no doubt about that. trust me on this.

      1. We went as a foursome a few weeks ago, bringing another couple from the states that were visiting. We moved to Oakville a year or so ago and it was always on my list of places to try. The Star review added a little spark to the fire.

        The setting is lovely -- two candelit rooms with the tables spaced just right. Wine chilled nicely. The owner -- I've forgotten her name -- is truly lovely. It's likely her background in PR that gives her a real gift of interacting with people.

        The food is good. It's a mixed menu -- East meets West is their slogan. I know they're accomodating less adventurous suburban types but I think diners in Oakville are pretty sophisticated and I'd love to see dishes introduced that are more 'East' than 'West'

        The chef is one of those that know how to batter a fish or fry a dumpling without grease. The sauces are all homemade, fresh and light. Their satay and pad thai rises above humdrum. We tried the pork butt -- which is marinated for twelve hours. It had been recommended and I believe it is more of a western dish than eastern. While the pork was lovely and tender, it was a little bland.

        I would put it about on a par with the Malaysian restaurant downtown on Baldwin. I'll return to Cilantro again and may become a regular visitor when they expand the menu more confidently into Malaysia.

        Let us know what you think.

        1. not authentic enough for me. and i've lost trust in the Star's food critics. =P

          there's a new Thai-Vietnames place that opened on Trafalgar Road, south of Dundas (near the Wendy's/Timmy's) and it's called Spoon and Fork. I tried their branch on Lakeshore Road in Mississauga (East of Southdown Road) and the food was pretty good. Ambience was great and there was a lineup on a Friday night.

          for less expensive but equally tasty fare (if you want it spicy, it's spicy), try Celadon which is located in a plaza at the Neyagawa Blvd and River Glen intersection. this is also south of Dundas. it's a very casual place but i prefer this over Cilantro.

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            I have been to Spoon and Fork on Trafalgar a couple of times now since it opened and it head and shoulders better then any other Thai/Vietnamese place in Oakville

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              Spoon and Fork in Mississauga needs to train the cooks in Oakville and they need to do it fast. I have tried both locations and was thrilled when the Oakville location opened because they are two minutes from my door and we have no Thai in North Oakville. I have tried them 5 or 6 times now and they do adequate spring rolls, but the rest of their food is bland, uninspired and borders on disgusting. There is no care taken by the cooks, pumpkin soup is carelessly pureeded leaving lumps of undercooked pumpkin. I cook Thai at home and last night did take out. I had to take their Beef Salad...(where is the sauce, this salad was dry and no sauce was included? Where is the cilantro? Where is the mint that is promised on the menu?) pull out the wilted mixed greens (mesclun greens in a Thai Beef Salad?) and stir fry them with the boring and tasteless Lemongrass Fried Rice (with blanched hunks of tasteless chicken, a few frozen peas and carrots and some egg and onion, that was supposed to be spicy...not a chili to be found and certainly no flavour of lemongrass) and add my own spices just to eat the food. Everytime I decide to get a couple of "safe" dishes from Spoon and Fork because it's close, my family always says the same thing...don't do it again. Drive downtown and get real Thai food or make it at home.

            2. Any opinions from a southeast Asian?

              The new Star food critics need to be educated. My sis pointed out this phrase from the review: "Tom yum soup, too, is superb. The Laws make theirs without coconut, compensating with a flavour burst of chili, tomato, lemongrass and lime leaf, along with the chicken or seafood."

              Coconut... yeah, right.

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                There are two version of Tom Yum Soup in Thailand...
                one with coconut milk and the other without coconut milk....