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Hide Sushi

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Ok.. So we moved here last year and have visited this restaurant more than any other due to the location and our love of simple, affordable sushi.

This is not a post talking about the food (which we obviously enjoy)... it's a very stupid question for all. We were there tonight and determined we really don't know the pronunciation of the name!

Hide or Hee-Day? Make sense?

I know, I know... we could of asked, but we didn't think of this until we were eating at Pinkberry later! (Grew on my as I was eating it btw)

Anyone? Thanks!

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  1. You are close ... I would say, more like he-dae (not so drawn out on the hee or the day.

    Here are two pronunciation guides that you might find helpful:



    1. "hee-deh"

      accent on the E sound in "hee"

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        Ladius' description here is the closest to Tokyo dialect, followed by wilafur.

        - Chubbypanda