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Dec 14, 2006 04:52 AM

Hide Sushi

Ok.. So we moved here last year and have visited this restaurant more than any other due to the location and our love of simple, affordable sushi.

This is not a post talking about the food (which we obviously enjoy)... it's a very stupid question for all. We were there tonight and determined we really don't know the pronunciation of the name!

Hide or Hee-Day? Make sense?

I know, I know... we could of asked, but we didn't think of this until we were eating at Pinkberry later! (Grew on my as I was eating it btw)

Anyone? Thanks!

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  1. You are close ... I would say, more like he-dae (not so drawn out on the hee or the day.

    Here are two pronunciation guides that you might find helpful:

    1. "hee-deh"

      accent on the E sound in "hee"

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        Ladius' description here is the closest to Tokyo dialect, followed by wilafur.

        - Chubbypanda