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Dec 14, 2006 04:43 AM

Any one been to Noodle House, Arcadia?

Saw an article on LA Weekly on Noodle House in Arcadia. Looked pretty good, so I searched chowhound and can't seem to find anything on it. I guess 'noodle' and 'house' pops up a lot, but unless I totally missed it, didn't see any mention of this place.

Any thoughts - is it worth going to, and is it pretty much a breakfast place only?

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  1. Where is the location of this place?

    It could be Q Noodle House, which has a location on Duarte.

    There is a new Dumpling House on Baldwin.

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      I live in Duarte, but don't recall seeing a Q Noodle House. Where is it located?

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        It's right where Las Tunas ends and merges with Live Oak in Arcadia, next to a flower shop and Burger King (full address below).

        It's a small little place. If you go I recommend you try the scallion pancakes and the turnip cakes. If you are there in the mornings, they have good chinese soy milk and crullers. Everything else there is pretty pedestrian, even the hand-cut noodles, which pale in comparison to MaLan's.

        Noodle House
        46 West Las Tunas Dr.,
        (626) 821-2088

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          Thanks! I was wondering because the menu sounded more breakfast than dinner, and it sounds like from your post that the best stuff are the breakfast items.

          J. Gold gave it high marks for baos, but low marks for noodles too.

    2. I've tried the bao that the article recommends (the 8 pan fried together in a wreath). They are seriously perfectly fried, light and fluffy buns with a really thin but crisp bottom. The vegetarian version is good as well.

      Tried their beef noodle soup, not memorable but fine.

      Other remarks: food tends to have a lot of MSG and the servers are sometimes so busy that it takes a long time for food to arrive.

      1. Okay, I know which noodle house you are talking about. It is so-so. The cook there is a lady who used to work at the imitation Little Sheep hot pot that was on Lower Azusa in the Midway Plaza. The food is so-so, nothing special.

        You would be better off going to Dumpling 1005? on Baldwin and Valley or Dumpling House on Rosemead and Las Tunas.

        As for the Q Noodle House, there is one on Duarte across the street from Carl's Jr. in the 99 cent plaza. It's not bad, but not as good as the other locations.

        1. The food was pretty good, but there are better restaurants around. It really depends on the type of food you're looking for and how adventurous you are.

          The staff here isn't really strong in English-speaking skills. Also, it can get really busy--it has a good customer base but just one cook in the kitchen. There is no ambience to speak of whatsoever. Parking is decent, but you can only enter from the Las Tunas side. Here's a mini-review:

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            Thanks for the review & input. Strange choice of music for that type of restaurant.

          2. Well, curiosity got the better of me, so we went there on Sunday morning. There were lots of take outs, but we were the only ones dining there.

            I can see why. The place was not well ventilated, and it just reaked of grease. The owner/chef really tried hard to steer us towards a few dishes, I think the same ones that Jonathan Gold wrote. Pretty much only mandarin chinese spoken there too.

            No turnip cake, unfortunately. Had the onion pancakes, which were unremarkable, and the tien ju pancakes, which were unremarkable. BUT - the baos were just spectacular. Very different texture - very fluffy on top, and very crispy on the bottom. They had other stir fried dishes also, but as it was breakfast time, we didn't sample.

            I think we will get a couple of orders of the baos to go next time, as it's on my hubby's way home, but don't think we'll eat there unless the ventilation improves.