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What is Bosco?

Is this just an alternative to Hershey's syrup or Quick? I grew up in California and never saw it growing up.....but I remember Lenny & Squigy mentioning Bosco.

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    1. wowie! I haven't thought about bosco for years ... fond, fond, memories of childhood. Yep, bosco is/was chocolate syrup. We didn't have it here it California? Maybe I remember it from my old Kentucky days.


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        We had it in California when I was a kid a long time ago...I can even still sing the jingle [if I have enough to drink..;) ]

      2. A young girl on the sidewalk shouted "Bosco, Bosco!" in all directions. Soon a chocolate Labrador retriever gallomped over to her and covered her with wet doggy kisses.

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          We certainly did have Bosco in Califa...in LA at least. I remember our take on the jingle we used to sing until everybody told us to shut up!

          "I love Bosco, Bosco's good for me
          Mommy puts it in my milk to try to poison me
          But I fooled Mommy, I put it in her tea
          Now there's no more Mommy to try to poison me"

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            There was always a jar of Bosco in our kitchen in California in the 1950's and 1960's, Bosco mixed in a cold glass of milk, mmmmmmmmmm...

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              We had it in Oregon and Washington during that era too.

          2. Yeah we had Bosco in the SF Bay Area.

            1. Ah... love that Seinfeld episode!!! "BOSCO, BOSCO-O-O-O!!"... croak! :-)

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              1. re: Katie Nell

                Yes...J. Peterman's dying mom's last word.
                George adopted it as his ATM password.

              2. Yes I remember Bosco here in the Southern Calif area in the 50's, my mom always tried to foist some on me. I thought it one of the most disgusting things around. Obviously from above you can eiter love it or not.

                1. Didn't Bosco come in a bear-shaped bottle? Or maybe it had a picture of a bear on the label. In my house, Bosco was a far second choice to Fox's U-Bet.

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                    It had a bear in a plane - primary colors, lots of blue, red and white on the label. The bottle itself was glass, and sort of big round shape. You twisted the lid off, stuck a spoon in, and dribbled the syrup all over on the way to the glass of milk. We preferred Hershey's Syrup for chocolate milk, but it wasn't too bad.

                  2. I just learned from Wikipedia that:

                    "Alfred Hitchcock famously used Bosco Chocolate Syrup as fake blood in the shower scene in his black and white masterpiece Psycho (1960). This same technique was reportedly used in other black and white horror films, including Night of the Living Dead (1968)."


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                    1. re: Peter Cherches

                      Best use for it. Nasty, nasty stuff. Tated like it was good for you.
                      Oh, hold on; maybe that was Ovaltine. blech!

                    2. Bosco was always a big hit in little jfood-land in NJ. liked it in milk, on ice cream and in the teen years made a great milk shake or malted.

                      1. Yeah, basic choco-syrup.

                        Its landmark use in my life: the family movies with my diapered baby self, left alone on the picnic blanket for a minute, having managed to drink some out of the bottle and wipe the remainder liberally all over myself head to toe. "The horror...the horror!"

                        1. So not an East Coast thing! We had Bosco in San Diego. I don't see it here in L.A. now though. It certainly didn't taste healthy, it was tastier than Hershey's syrup, more chocolatey, and darker, a little thinner though. I think the previous poster was definitely thinking of Ovaltine when s/he said healthy tasting. I seem to remember a clown on the bottle, not a bear, but I could be wrong.

                          1. There was Bosco overseas as well!

                            1. From old-time television, the Bosco jingle:

                              "I love Bosco
                              It's rich and choclaty
                              Chocolate-flavored Bosco
                              Is just the drink for me.
                              Mama puts it in my drink
                              for extra Vitamin D
                              Chocolate-flavored Bosco
                              Is just the drink for me."

                              1. I remember BOSCO as a kid growing up in NY. We sang the same jingle as the OP in California. SEINFELD brought BOSCO back to the American consciousness.

                                Kramer tries to discover George's secret password by the good detective work. George, a "portly fellow", follows a "dark evil master,the cocoa bean".

                                Is BOSCO still available? I remember it was yummy, but wasn't everything when you were 10?

                                1. I also recall Bosco growing up in L.A. during the 60's where we would heat it up and pour it over Vanilla Ice Cream. A truism about that era - "If you can remember the 60's, you didn't live it"

                                  1. Before going to California, my dad a Navy man, was transferred to Oklahoma for some sort of training for a short while. I remember very well that we had Bosco there. We 3 kids loved it so much and I can remember my mom making it for us in those tall vibrant green ice tea glasses (probably purchased with green stamps) and we loved it!

                                    What's even funnier is that my Dad bought us a Beagle, and we name him Bosco!