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Dec 14, 2006 03:09 AM

New Year's Eve Dinner Recommendation

Foodie visiting from NYC over the new year's weekend. I'm looking for a restaurant that I can go to with my girlfriend and potentially 1 other couple. Looking for something low key but good. A special New years prix fixe is not necessary. Ideally, would like a neighborhoodie type place that has great food, nice wine list, and a no rush policy. I may be crazy asking for those on New Year's butr worth a shot... Any help would be appreciated!!! Already heading to Nozawa for the 1st night, wouldn't mind trying Cut too... Thanks in advance!!! I can answer your NY questions.

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  1. What neighborhoodie will you be near?

    Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks is doing something special, I don't have any details and there aren't any on their website, but you can see their wine list

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      Thanks, their regular menu looks great. We're staying in Redondo Beach. not sure how far Sherman Oaks is from there...

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          Yet no farther than Nozawa, their acknowledged first stop, and the boneyard would be a good choice, with complex qualitative bistro items and a very good wine list. I believe there will be two seatings, though not positive.

    2. I went to Enoteca Drago for NYE last year, and was a big fan. Pretty much like every other night there, meaning no mandatory overpriced tasting menu (although they offered it), and a very large wine list (they also do flights). Recommend it strongly.

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        1. Restaurant Christine is nearby and they are a very good south bay restaurant (what I would consider a good Los Angeles place). They are having a special menu on NY Eve -- I just wished it included their yummy mushroom salad...

          1. Call Chez Melange in Redondo. Used to be very good. Chowhounds that have been there recently please give us an update. Also, Michi in Manhattan Beach.

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              I've been to Chez Melange several times in the past year (for both brunch and dinner) and it's fantastic. I would definitely recommend!