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Restaurant Supply Toronto

Looking for a restaurant supply company in the Toronto area, preferably east side, where I can get a large, heavy duty roasting pan to take a 26 lb+ turkey. Any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. Nella on Queen East (they also have a larger branch on Norfinch (Finch and Hwy 400) has a large selection of restaurant supplies.

    Also, Dinetz on King East.

    By the way, you'll get more responses if you re-post this on the Ontario/Toronto Board.

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        I had bad experiences at Dinetz...I would recomend Nicalau's(sp) on Queen @ Bathurst

        1. re: BloorWestie...

          Tap phong on spadina- north of Queen, west side-

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            Seconded. I haven't had any bad experiences with Dinetz, but the guys at Nicalau are hilarious and helpful.

            1. re: artgeek

              Yeah, the guys at Nicalau are interesting (it's like a good salesman/bad salesman routine, IMO). Any place that gives industry people a discount is good in my books.

              1. re: Blueicus

                Blueicus, all restaurant supply stores in Toronto that I know of give industry discounts (15% to 20%). I also got discounts when I was at chef school.

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              I have had a sense of condescension from the staff as a non-business customer at Dinetz. But the prices and availability keep me coming back. How Canadian this New Yorker has become...

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                Prices? I've always found Dinetz to be complete ripoff. Nella has far better prices.

        2. Tap Phong is a great store, but the quality of their cookware is very poor. I don't think Stockli would find the "heavy duty" roasting pan he's looking for.

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            i see- I only know about this place from my husband -(i eat, not cook)thanks for clarifying-

          2. If you're looking for just heavy slabs of uncoated aluminum cookware, Tap Phong definitely fits the bill.

            1. If I'm downtown, then I go to Dinetz (King St E across from George Brown College). If you can get there, then Caynes (http://www.cayneshousewares.com) at Steeles and Yonge is usually a good bet for any cookware.

              1. Not in the east end but worth a trip -- European Hotel and Restaurant Supply-- Horner Avenue west of Kipling on south side of street. Very good professional heavy duty cook ware and hard to find items such as professional polystyrene chocolate moulds, french tartlette moulds of all shapes and sizes and much much more. Open Saturdays till noon.

                1. Can't remember who recommended Nella's (Queen Street East) but went there yesterday and my wife found exactly what she was looking for. Great selection of everything 'restaurant'! Thanks to this board for great input!

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                    I was the one who recommended it and, coincidentally, I was there yesterday also, to pick up an Equinox steamer insert that I'd had on order.

                    It is a great, well-laid out store with very helpful service. The branch on Norfinch is about 4 times the size.

                  2. I found this place, Arora Electric, on the web when searching for something yesterday. It's at Bathurst and Bloor and looks like it has good prices for kitchen appliances.

                    Anyone had any experience with them?


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                        you have to be careful with them. a lot of what they sell is refurbished and if you have a problem they aren't very helpful.

                        1. re: emz

                          emz, does Arora Electric advise their customers that they're buying reconditioned merchandise?

                          1. re: FlavoursGal

                            No, I pretty sure emz means that the Arora merchandise is often re-furbished. I noticed that on their website and I'm sure that everything sold at Caynes is new. Unfortunately Caynes is out of stock on the coffee grinder I need.

                            And thanks for the heads up emz.

                            1. re: FlavoursGal

                              Arora sells new and refurbished stuff. They've been in business a long time and always seemed to be reasonable people. However, they never did communicate very well and probably wouldn't be tremendously helpful with a problem. I haven't been in there in years, but they used to identify the refurbs. They advertised themselves as an outlet for a few appliance makers. I have no idea if they still do so.

                              Caynes merchandise is new. This place is a gem and, despite mass advertising, it doesn't seem well known among downtowners. I suspect they have the best everyday prices across the board (though an individual sale item elsewhere may be cheaper). They also have a very liberal return/refund policy. Coincidentally, I bought three small appliances there today (at their regular prices). They cost about $150.00. The same three items at Canadian Tire and Home Outfitters cost about $100 more. I noticed a coffee maker for something like $69.95 that was $189.95 at Home Outfitters.

                              Returning to the original post, Caynes does not specifically sell restaurant grade merchandise, though one could probably get much of what one needs. Some things have an NSF logo, but this is typically consumer-grade merchandise.

                        2. I went to Dinetz and found the staff very helpful. They are located on King St E. They had everything that I needed at great prices! All of my friends from George Browne go there for all their supplies.

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                            Your GB friends likely go there (a) because it's practically next door and (b) they give a discount to GB students (or did when I was a student). But they seem to have some kind of disdain for people who aren't in the trade. If I go there they're fine, but if my mom goes there they're like "Who are you and what are you doing here?" However, that said, the quality of their stock is generally excellent, although they don't always have alot of stock, or not the sizes you may want. Nikolau are far more approachable to non-restaurant folk, and can order stuff if they don't have it, but since they are also crammed to the rafters with everything in every shape and size, it's likely they have it.