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Dec 14, 2006 02:47 AM

HELP! Looking for restaurants in the Palo Alto area

My husband just moved out to Palo Alto for work from NYC. I visit frequently, but we never know where to eat (he works a ton, so doesn't have time to check places out... plus he's not much of a foodie). The only things he's found are Whole Foods, In-n-Out and Evvia.

Would love some suggestions for
-dim sum
-French bistro

... and anything else you think is relevant! Price points are less important than good food. Thank you so much (I'm a chowhound newbie and have already learned so much from just going thru the boards)!

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  1. i recently went to Zibbibo on Kipley off of university and it is wonderful for dinner... i have also gone to lulu for lunch and it is good too.
    here is the link....

    1. Some of my faves in Palo Alto are:
      -Bistro Elan--Cal/French bistro
      -La Bodeguita del Medio (sp?)--Cal/cuban/tapas
      -Cibo for burgers, this is an odd hotel diner-ish kind of place but the burgers are really good, can't really recommend anything else here
      -Kaygetsu in Menlo Park for sushi/japanese, although it's quite expensive
      -Tamarine--upscale fusion Vietnamese
      -Mings is ok for dim sum, not great. There's really not a lot of choices in Palo Alto for dim sum
      -Straits--upscale Singaporean, only go to this location. Don't ever go to its sister location in San Jose's Santana Row

      I've yet to find a great seafood place in Palo Alto. Don't bother with the Fish Market restaurant.

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      1. re: KathyM

        Actually, I have to stick up a bit for the Fish Market, and recommend checking it out as long as you stay within its wheelhouse - straightforward grilled fish, buckets of steamed mussels, etc at reasonable prices. Steer clear of their attempts at haute cuisine, have a beer, and you'll be fine.

        Also -- although it's not on the menu, you can order a (still huge!) half order of their cioppino, which is better than many preparations I've eaten in SF.

        1. re: jkg

          Actually I do like the Fish Market Restaurant, but only the Santa Clara location. The San Mateo location is pretty good too. My two attempts at the Palo Alto location were dismal--surly servers and cold food.

      2. Oh gosh.

        I like Trattoria Buon Gusto in Menlo Park for Italian. I also like Su Hong in Palo Alto for xiao long bao. For sushi, Naomi is probably best, on El Camino. For breakfast with coffee, Cafe Borrone. For American, i.e. burgers, steak, McArthur Park. For Mexican, go north a little bit and try the taquerias and mariscado places on Middlefield past 5th. I hear that Kaygetsu up in Sharon Heights is fantastic but have not been. For pizza? I like Applewood. For martinis? Spago's bar. For Indian, don't know now that Marigold closed.

        Just University and wander. You might not get great food but you will get the vibe. Oh yeah, also to to California Ave and go to Bodega del Media(sp?) good Cuban and fun atmosphere. Also Tamarine or Three Seasons for fancy Vietnamese.

        We may be the suburbs, but its not so bad down here.

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        1. re: LPCagain

          Here's a link to my recent post on Trattoria Buon Gusto -

          Thanks again for the rec.

        2. Would love some suggestions for

          -steakhouse Sundance ... decent, but abit overpriced
          -sushi Sushi-Ya, University Ave, excellent
          -dim sum Nothing, Mings OK, try Joy Luck in San Mateo
          -Indian Amber India in Mt View
          -brunch Joanies or Cafe Brioche on CA Ave or
          Dinah's Poolside Restaurant
          -French bistro Cafe Brioche or Bistro Elan on California
          -seafood Nada
          -burgers You might try The Counter on CA Ave ...
          decent burgers, great concept

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          1. re: doc

            I second Amber India - love LOVE the food here.

            1. re: katg

              I triple Amber India. Love the bhel puri and butter chicken. Also if you like thai, Krung Siam on University is great. I still dream of their panang curry.

          2. In addition to those places listed:

            Sushi: Sushi House in Palo Alto Town and Country. Small, casual, home style food.

            Burger's: Oasis in Menlo Park (carve your names in the table) Juicy burgers, and grilled sandwiches. 1 mile away from Stanford University, Stanford forbid the sale of alcohol within 1 mile of the campus, this was one of several beer gardens outside the exclusion zone. Alpine Beer Gardens is the other remaining (?).

            Deep Fried Seafood, Seafood Salads: Cook's Seafood, Menlo Park ("meaty" halibut featured as "fish and chips", chips are "steak fries". Both local fish stew, "chiopino" and white clam chowder)

            California Cuisine: Flea Street Cafe, Menlo Park.

            Bella's, Redwood City, Seaport Blvd. Port of Redwood City, formally Clark's. good place: food, service, venue are all good, not excellent not ok, always above average, a place to go for the view, see another part of Redwood City; RWC has a working harbor, see a $800m business campus at the end of Seaport Blvd.

            Road house Steak House: Cat's in Los Gatos, need to be an above average driver to be comfortable crossing the highway on the way home. Live music on some nights, steaks, grilled chicken, bbq' ribs.