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St.Louis Bar & Grill?

Anyone have any review of this place? have seen them at a bunch of different spot in TO seem to be popping up more and more.

should I give it a shot?


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  1. St. Louis is pretty good for pub fare. The wings are yummy, they come with a dipping sauce that is a mix between ranch and dill. The menu isnt big and the food is cheap, even cheaper lunch specials. If u just want to go for wings and ribs with a few pints, i would recommend it for sure. Oh, they also have onion chips, definalty get those instead of fries. Last time i was there was a few weeks ago, i was with one other person and our bill was around $30, and it wasnt lunch time. We each had a small wing/fry combo (9 good sized wings) and we each also upgraded to onion chips(like a buck 30 extra per person), and we had 2 sodas each. Not a bad deal if you ask me. I've been to the St Louis across from the Rogers Center, and the one near the airport on dixon rd. Both locations are consistant. Although i have never ordered the ribs, i have sampled from a friends plate. The ribs are good from what i remember, the only part that stuck in my mind is that the meat falls off the bone, which is a good start :)

    1. Yah, Ive only been to the one at Y and E, and I found the wings to be good, and the ribs to be really good too. I actually like the fries, though theyre probably frozen but if I remember right, they have a nice spice on them. The onion chips however, are better. Whatever you do though, dont get the nachos, theyre exactly the kinda cheesy sauce mess you get at movie theatres.

      1. I was at the Yonge and Sheppard location (which is actually closer to North York Centre) a few weeks ago to meet friends to watch the Leaf game. I was very underwhelmed by the food. I had the honey garlic wings, and tried some of my friend's medium-hot ones as well. Both were kind of flavourless, and not very meaty. The fries and appetizers looked like they came from the McCain frozen food section at the supermarket, and were kinda greasy. Maybe the other locations are better? I vaguely remember going to the Eglinton location four or five years ago and being more impressed.

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          My wife and i always preferred Duffs over St. Louis. The St. Louis near yonge and Sheppard was particularly bad. Steps north on Yonge from that location was Fern's at Yonge & Hounslow, a decent, inelegant neighbourhood bar. It's the kind of place you pop into after cuttng the lawn or cycling downtown and back. I found their wings while preparing to move from the city. Has anyone tried the wings there? I found them amazing. So did anyone we took there.

          Is it still there? Anyone been there recently?

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            Wouldn't that be Ferg's at Ellerslie??


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              Yes, that's the one - sorry for my misdirection.

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                the wing's at Ferg's are great, fries are good, and their sweet potato fries are amazing!
                St. Louis Wings has the weird batter I just never enjoyed and the fries.. All i can say is blah..

        2. Definitely the Y&E location. That's the only location that I've really been to, and it has never let me down once over the last 4 or so years.

          1. I've been several times and the wings are excellent. My only complaint with them is I like saucy wings and they aren't.

            The onion chips are amazing.


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              i agree, not saucy enough for me either, so i always order extra ;)

            2. I have heard (but not experienced) that the Kitchener location is REALLY bad. So I have stayed away.

              1. I like the St. Louis location at Finch and Duffrin.( Oh, yeah, and they have a drive thru ) Their wings are tasty-not huge-but delicious. And they come with a great dill dipping sauce. Fries are frozen but very crispy-just the way I like them.

                Once caution however, this is a WINGS and BEER joint-the other stuff on the menu is pretty average.

                1. Hi, hubby and I go every (usually) Tuesday night for the wings. I think they're the best in Toronto. We go to the new one on Dixon Road, just west of the 401. I order the same thing EVERY TIME!!! Large order of wings with fries and a pitcher of beer!!! Can't go wrong with that and the price IS RIGHT!!!

                  1. I have tried Finch & Dufferin, Yonge & Sheppard, and Leslie & York Mills locations. Wings are usually good, and prices are fair. They also have great daily deals. As others have said, this is pretty much Wings & Beer place, with not much else to offer. I think Leslie & York Mills location has the most consistent taste.


                    1. I haven't tried Duff's but I consider St Louis to be the best that I've tried to date.

                      I only ever order the hot as I think they are more flavourful. People who don't like St Louis seem to order medium or honey garlic. I always assume hot wings when I talk wings and in that category I think they are the best.

                      I have been to Yonge & Eg, the new one by the Skydome and the one on Hwy 10 and Derry. They are all pretty consistent. I would agree that they could be a little more saucy and typically they are on the small side but I prefer them that way.

                      1. Chicken Drumsticks!!! I'm starting to prefer these over the wings.

                        1. We held a large post meeting gathering at the airport location last night. We had called ahead, made a reservation, explained everything wanted (ie. we'd be paying for some large platters, but beyond that everyone was on their own -- and it was clearly understood). Our server was excellent -- friendly and as accommodating as she could be -- but the manager was SUCH a jerk that many of the people were so put off, that they didn't order much beyond a drink and simply left. Suddenly our requests that we had made when the reservation was made were not honoured, it was one bill, etc....

                          I got there a little late, but people really did seem to enjoy the wings, and I had a couple of jalapeno poppers that were fine.

                          1. I really don't understand the big attraction to this place.

                            I find the wings very small and dry. Not flavourful at all. There are much better wings to be had in the city.

                            Also, the other things on the menu are pretty bad, their nachos have that gloopy fake cheese sauce instead of real cheese....

                            1. St Louis seems to be one those love it or hate it places when it comes to wings.

                              Their wings are definitely not the largest or best value, but i come in on the love it side.

                              i like the way the sauce is kinda of baked into the wings , as opposed to the wings being deep fried, then slathered in durkee style sauce (a la Duffs).

                              I guess it depends what u prefer.

                              Still the best wings in the city IMO , along with The bistro on avenue road and the Chicken Deli (all the same original owners so similar recipes I guess)

                              1. I've only been to one location (Longo's plaza at Leslie and York Mills). From hearsay I expected superb wings and ribs, but both times there I was very disappointed. Wings were dull and dry, and the ribs were nowhere close to, say, Baton Rouge across Empress Walk. Wings are better at the typical Kelsey's or Lone Star.

                                Maybe it was just this particular location, but I'm not inclined to try the other ones :(

                                1. Tried St. Louis at Leslie and York Mills last week for dinner with a group of teenagers and non-Chowhound adults. We all loved the pork ribs and even ordered a second rack! Hot wings were unimpressive; my 16-year old hot-food-loving chef-to-be companion actually tried to rub off the spicy coating as she ate them. Mild wings were equally mediocre; both orders of wings were slightly overcooked and just not juicy enough. Missed having celery and carrots, as their from-frozen, average-tasting crinkle fries were included with both ribs and wings so we had an overabundance. Pre-packaged dill dip was interesting but I'd still prefer blue cheese. Definitely try the ribs! They rival the ribs at Phil's in terms of taste and satisfaction even if they are not made the "authentic" or traditional way.

                                  1. wings taste like PC.
                                    Onion nuggets are really good
                                    I am blown away that this many people like them.

                                    1. I love wings - but St Louis is not my first choice by far - I've been to the Y&E location and the Atrium location and been dissapointed every time. As commented above by the critics:

                                      -they are small, and often over cooked
                                      -expensive for what they are
                                      -hot is not
                                      -everything tastes like it was frozen, and from a box. Nothing fresh that I know of.
                                      -they are baked with the sauce on (for many people though this is a plus) so they are not saucy.

                                      The only 2 things that I liked about St Louis were the onion chips and dill dip.

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                                        I wouldn't recommend any of the locations given the choice but I occasionally am dragged there by relatives.

                                        The only thing I order now is the 'madras wrap' which was a pleasant surprise the first time - it's a simple wrap but the sauce is nice and tangy with a little spice and the chicken is cooked nicely and moist. Not bad...

                                      2. If you are looking for good wings and thick cut, crispy on the outside but soft potatoey goodness in the inside kind of fries, st.louis is the place to go. As much as I don't want to support big chains, this place makes the best wings in my book. I like my wings plain with the sauce on the side, but at most places, you can never enjoy wings without the sauce drenched, or else, it's kind of tasteless. Not St.Louis. Their wings eaten plain are still really tasty. I highly recommend this place..if you are okay with chains that is.

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                                          Don't you find the wings microscopic compared to just about everywhere else?

                                        2. I am not a wing connoisseur but I love St. Louis wings. they are delicious provided they are accompanied by an extra wing sauce for dipping and an extra white sauce for good measure. That white sauce is garlicky goodness. Guilty pleasure.