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Dec 14, 2006 01:41 AM

Newbury St.

Wife and I will be in town from the 'burbs for a holiday party Sat. night. Thought we'd try somehwere new for an early, fairly light dinner in the Newbury St. vicinity. Looking for nice but not crazy expensive. Any thoughts?

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  1. Parish Cafe is a favorite in this area -- fairly extensive menu of gourmet sandwiches and a good cocktail menu. (Thought it's sandwiches they are perfect for a light dinner.)

    1. A few lightish, not too pricey options:

      Douzo for some sushi and maybe a skewer or two.

      Kaya for a couple of bowls of Korean soup.

      Domani to split an app, salad and a pasta.

      Scoozi for a thin-crust pizza.

      1. If you can get there early, grab a seat at the bar in Mistral and order an app and the steak and mashed potato pizza with truffle oil. An inexpensive meal at a nice place with some really nice wine by the glass as well.

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          I second the bar at Mistral... split a salad and a pizza, or get an app or two as well. The crab ravioli rock.

          There's really nothing on Newbury worth writing home about.

        2. Try Bhindi Bazaar for Indian food.

          1. Bouchee was pretty good my one time there, where Dubarry used to be. And I'll throw out the Sonsie rec since it shouldn't be too crazy on the early side. Excellent pizza and bread pudding.