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Newbury St.

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Wife and I will be in town from the 'burbs for a holiday party Sat. night. Thought we'd try somehwere new for an early, fairly light dinner in the Newbury St. vicinity. Looking for nice but not crazy expensive. Any thoughts?

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  1. Parish Cafe is a favorite in this area -- fairly extensive menu of gourmet sandwiches and a good cocktail menu. (Thought it's sandwiches they are perfect for a light dinner.)

    1. A few lightish, not too pricey options:

      Douzo for some sushi and maybe a skewer or two.

      Kaya for a couple of bowls of Korean soup.

      Domani to split an app, salad and a pasta.

      Scoozi for a thin-crust pizza.

      1. If you can get there early, grab a seat at the bar in Mistral and order an app and the steak and mashed potato pizza with truffle oil. An inexpensive meal at a nice place with some really nice wine by the glass as well.

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          I second the bar at Mistral... split a salad and a pizza, or get an app or two as well. The crab ravioli rock.

          There's really nothing on Newbury worth writing home about.

        2. Try Bhindi Bazaar for Indian food.

          1. Bouchee was pretty good my one time there, where Dubarry used to be. And I'll throw out the Sonsie rec since it shouldn't be too crazy on the early side. Excellent pizza and bread pudding.

            1. You might try Tapeo for a few tapas.

              There are a couple of places we visit occasionally-- Steve's, Trident, Tapeo. But, on the whole, Newbury street is a total wasteland for dining. There are food factories, and tourist traps but no chowhound dining.

              I ran into a Newbury Street restaurant owner last night. He said he could not understand why people in the neighborhood don't even know about his place. He has been on Newbury Street for years.

              I didn't have the heart to tell him that aside from CVS and the hardware store, there is no reason for anyone from the neighborhood to visit Newbury street.

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                Which restaurant did he own? I feel bad for him. Maybe I'll try it.

              2. I thought Tapeo was fabulous when I was there in October. Great service, excellent sangria, some of the best scallops in saffron cream I've ever had the pleasure of eating.

                Trident is a fantastic lunch/snacky place, their sweet potato fries are to die for, but definitely not a dinner destination, I agree.

                1. went to bouchee last night. had a good time. granted, we went for steaks and it was very similar to balthazars in new york if you're familiar (ie delish), but i'd definitely suggest the bouchee salad.

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                    Boucee isn't in any way in the same league as Balthazar's food-wise, IMO. Service-wise either.

                    And I am off to Boucee yet again for lunch today. It's the Charlie's of bistros.

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                      Back from Boucee. Had onion soup and the bouchee salad. Have to say I was really disappointed. The soup has gone downhill fromthe 5 or so other times I've had it. It was onion water. The salad (first time) was very cool and crisp but was dressed with the blandest vinaigrette I've ever tasted. You have to work to make vinaigrette that tasteless. Nothing like a Balthazar salad with that addictive truffle vinaigrette of theirs.

                      I am so trying to like that place .... it's steps from my office ... but they keep working so hard to keep me away :-(

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                        aww i'm sorry. i enjoyed it when i went and the salad was great when i had it.

                        i gotta say i was also starving by the time i hit bouchee. maybe i'm biased ;-)

                        one of my favorite restaurants in the area, although very different is shino express right next to madura. i'm sure you know it. i'm always in the mood for sushi though, so i'd be happy to have them for lunch every day.

                  2. Too late for our holiday partygoers but for any other readers I'd recommend Casa Romero. Kind of surprised no one else did. It's just off Newbury (Gloucester). Extremely expensive for Mexican food but not too painful for a nice dinner out. Most specials in the mid- to upper-teens. I don't drink, but word on the street is that the sangria is great. Cool, cozy space. ... Second all positive remarks on Trident for a casual lunch, light dinner or even late night chow. Haven't had sweet potato fries but definitely will!

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                      Nobody mentioned it because it is mediocre.

                    2. BarLola on Comm and Dartmouth has respectable tapas and a great vibe.

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                        I second BarLola - great vibe decent small plates.

                      2. Is BarLola open for lunch? Most tapas places aren't but we are always scrounging for good lunch places.

                        1. Gotta give it up for the Au Poivre at Sonsie.